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The most popular type of lodging for Singaporeans is HDB apartments. By 2022, more than 80% of Singaporeans would reside in HDBs. Even though 3- and 4-room HDB flats are the most prevalent flat types, a sizable portion of Singaporeans still live in 5-room flats. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and you would love to design a perfect room that reflects your personality and character. You are going to see some beautiful designs on this page, but it is not necessary that all the 5 room BTO design ideas are only for HDB 5 room bedroom design.

What size is a 5-room HDB apartment?

Easily accommodating larger households with 4 to 5 family members is a home design for 5 room flat. The official website of the Housing and Development Board states that a 5-room has a floor size of around 110 square meters. 

A 5-room apartment typically has three bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom with an attached bathroom. These apartments include a living or eating area, a kitchen, a service yard, and a bathroom.

8 popular bedroom design ideas for HDB 5 room

Classic White and Wood HDB 5 room bedroom design

This 5-room BTO project features a symmetrical harmony of white and wooden textures throughout the house. A balanced contrast is produced with the darker accents, such as the sofa and the ceiling panels, by using a light-wood floor tile and an accent wall made of wooden panels. In the kitchen, where sharper outlines are emphasized by the seats at the bar counter, the same white-and-wood mix is used. As a result, the room has an overall streamlined and smooth appearance.

Modern Elegance 5-room HDB

Luxurious furnishings and a refined neutral color scheme characterize these 5 room renovation ideas. Dark brown and white are dynamically combined in the living area to produce a calming and cozy atmosphere. The accent wall, the drapes, and the sofa go well with a color palette that is consistent throughout the house. The patterned rug adds a lovely tactile contrast to the space without significantly deviating from the room’s neutral color scheme.

Scandinavian HDB 5 room bedroom design

Blends natural wooden surfaces with modern white walls to produce a chic and tranquil environment. Sliding doors are used to divide the work and play areas. Since sliding doors take up less room than conventional swing doors, they make a fantastic stylistic choice. The use of glass surfaces allows light to enter slowly, expanding the space. A wonderful space-saving tip is to combine the dining and kitchen areas. These 5 room BTO interior design ideas  is a cozy and friendly place to eat meals thanks to the muted, neutral color palette and the warm lighting.

Modern Minimalist HDB 5 room design

This house is the epitome of minimalism, with its crisp lines and clever storage. The homeowners’ choice of dark-colored furniture creates a dramatic contrast with the clean color scheme they used for the walls and floors. The lounge corner of the bay window has been maximized to accommodate hidden storage to conceal unneeded clutter. With exquisite white cabinets and black handles, the foyer provides additional storage possibilities. For visitors who need a place to put on their shoes and socks before departing, the seating bench is ideal.

Open Concept HDB 5 room bedroom design

This 5-room BTO unit embraces the concept of an open-plan house wholeheartedly. The living room is open to the rest of the house because there are no barriers separating it from them. Even though there are no partitions or doors separating the kitchen from the study in this HDB BTO in Eastwave Canberra, the design is nevertheless striking. Since one section is permitted to seamlessly transition into the next, this essential balance gives the room a spacious and less cramped feeling.

Bring in nature

There are many advantages to including some greenery in your home. They add life and vibrancy to any room, serve ornamental and aesthetic functions, and even enhance your overall health by bringing freshness to the air you breathe. Because many indoor plant options are low maintenance and do not require much particular care, caring for plants does not necessarily require any unique skills, even if you have never grown plants before.

For instance, you may add a little planter on your desk. Another suggestion is to place a striking potted plant in a room’s corner. Larger plants are best used as a focal point, especially in rooms with simple decor. 

In either case, you will notice right away that your interior area appears more finished and vibrant. Utilizing plants in the interior décor of your home goes beyond simple adornment. They infuse your space with freshness and a certain level of richness. Let’s not forget that being around greenery improves our concentration and productivity.

Use of your bedroom vertical space

Making the error of not using all of their vertical space, homeowners. It appears that people are hesitant to try new things for fear of having a cluttered, disorganized interior. Maximizing your vertical space is not difficult or dangerous, though, when you think about it. Additionally, there are several benefits to using your vertical space, particularly if your home is small.

A straightforward but distinctive shelving arrangement will help you get far. It can completely change the appearance of your space and create a fresher, airier atmosphere. The best approach to make a stunning feature wall in any room in your home is to have a shelf display that reaches all the way to the ceiling. You’ll make your space more organized than before, whether it’s for storage or decorating, since the shelf provides plenty of room for individuals wishing to declutter. Of course, you should use shelving that complements the interior decor of your HDB 5-room apartment. Otherwise, you run the danger of installing awkward shelves and cabinets that defeat the purpose of your design.

One of the five HDB interior design suggestions you may employ in any apartment is to incorporate floating shelves. They will keep things slick and trendy whether you use them in your living room renovation plans or bathroom 5 room design ideas. Additionally, they will spare you from having to install large stands and racks.

New Vintage

It is obvious that the homeowner is an enthusiastic collector of antique items. It allows the family’s most valuable collectibles to be seen in full view by carving off an open display shelf in the living room. The open-plan kitchen, which is completely furnished in white and marble, is situated directly across from the living area. The kitchen and eating area benefit from natural lighting because to their near proximity to the windows.

How much does it cost to renovate a HDB 5-room?

Given its size, a 5-room HDB house is unquestionably one of the most expensive to buy and refurbish. New 5-room homes can cost as much as $52,000 on average to renovate. The majority of this expense roughly $23,500 goes into carpentry, which can account for more than half of the restoration costs. For three or more substantial fittings, such as closets and cabinets, carpentry work is included. Renovation costs may be greater for a HDB that has been sold previously. A resale apartment renovation may cost over $65,000, which is roughly $13,000 more than upgrading a brand-new home.

How can interior designers optimize space in HDB Bedroom?

To optimize space in an HDB bedroom, interior designers and homeowners can consider the following tips:

  1. Consider the Bedroom Layout: When designing a long and narrow HDB bedroom, it’s important to consider the layout of the room and how to optimize the space to suit the homeowner’s needs.
  2. Maximize Storage Space: Incorporate multi-functional furniture, such as a storage bed or a nightstand with drawers, to create more storage space in the HDB bedroom. Consider using vertical space for storage by installing high shelves or hanging organizing and wall-mounting storage solutions.
  3. Choose the Right Furniture: When selecting furniture for a small HDB bedroom, it’s essential to choose the right pieces that fit the space. Consider using a smaller bed, a compact nightstand, and a space-saving wardrobe to maximize the available space.
  4. Create the Illusion of Space with Colour and Lighting: Use light and neutral colours to create the illusion of a larger space. Additionally, incorporate adequate lighting to brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious.
  5. Make Use of Natural Light: Optimize the HDB bedroom for natural light to make the space feel more open and airy. Consider using light and sheer window treatments to allow natural light to filter into the room.

Other elements besides the size of a 5-room apartment can affect the final renovation cost. This includes additional demolition or repair projects, which typically account for a sizable portion of the overall cost. If less renovations are necessary, the price of a new 5-room apartment can start at $45,000, whereas the price of a resale apartment can start at $60,000.

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