5 Room BTO Interior Design

5 Room BTO Interior Design

MRD is specialized in creating tasteful interiors for 5 room BTO houses. The dwelling project being large obviously will provide with the space and scope for creating one off design that will stand out as unique residential project with outstanding interiors. How a 5 room BTO interior design will provide you with rich choices of interior design elements?

We at MRD assess the layout and check the rooms first to determine the areas that we can exploit to maximum to bring out the best interior design from our portfolio. We will also explore the areas where we can integrate the most contemporary designs that are in vogue. The designs could be a combination of the present and the past culminating in to one design which is loved by everyone of the household.

Play with colors

The house would have 3 bedrooms or more, and that provides us with the chance of playing with colors. We have huge choice of surfaces including living rooms and bedrooms and selecting unique color combination for each of the bedrooms or the drawing room will enable occupants to explore and experience new life spaces every day. Play of colors can bring out dramatic effects to interiors and our interior designers and artists are well aware of the fact and accordingly choose the color theme and combinations.

Different crown molding for different ceilings

Crown molding is the crowning glory of a room’s getup and we try to enhance it by designing new crowns that hang prettily in the ceilings. A <5 room BTO interior design will allow different crowns and finishing to the rooms thus increasing aesthetic appeal and value of the entire house.

Bathrooms to identify with occupants

Since the house will have more than one bathroom owing to the number of bedrooms, we will suggest unique bathroom designs that will allow you to identify each with your family members. for an example the bathroom that is used by kids can be riot of colors and even have popular comic characters themed in to the walls.

Complementing modular kitchen

Modular kitchens are in vogue and we will not veer away from the trend and will certainly install a kitchen which is of modular variety. We will ensure maximum use of space by installing shelves on the walls, overhead cabinets, under the counter storage, standalone cabinets and even a kitchen island if it is the wishes of the house owner. A kitchen island will also act as a secondary dining table for the family.

Different floor designs

With 5-rooms you have ample opportunity to pick the floor design and type. If it is marble on the living room and the portico it could be a vitrified tiles in the bedrooms and ceramic or porcelain in the kitchen and bathrooms. We leave the choice to the clients as we have immense faith in our ability to design floors with any base material and make it look unique. However, the floor choice is left again to our customers because it involves spending lots of money.