3 Room BTO Interior Design

3 Room bto Interior Design

If you are planning a 3 room BTO we are the right party to approach as MRD offers the best 3 room BTO interior design and prices. In a 3-Room apartment it is important to have the best looking living room where you are going to spend most of your time. A living room is not only the place for the culmination of family members but also the welcome ambience designated to greet guests, friends and relatives.   The room manages these two significant protocols with equal aplomb hence it is necessary that the living room design is of exceptional layout and looks.

We take up the interior design of living on the following principles and suggest clients to settle for them:


It needs to be planned how much space it has to have to greet and seat guests. Whether the living space is required to host parties or need people sitting there with laptop and minding their own business? Space and layout planning, seating, space for flat screen TV, cocktail table, sofa, diffused and bright lighting to create moods, space for movement and space for lounging, carpeting etc., are to be planned prior before designing the living room for your 3-Room BTO.


The living room should be punctuated with lighting of different hue to create moods, provide luminescence for reading and having a general chit chat with family and friends. Each of these occasions need different kinds of lighting and our team ensures that you have it.

Welcome Couch

Investing in a couch will serve multipurpose, as you can sit, lounge, read, nap or even ask a guest or extra member to sleep on it. Our interior design plan includes this element in the BTO interior design. With the consent of our clients we also ensure that the couch or sofa cover is sticky and stain proof.

Express with Rugs

Rugs are important components that we introduce in our living room interior design as they enable you to express and define a room and its purpose. It creates extra utility space and converts empty spaces into aesthetically pleasing sub-space.

Accentuate with coffee tables

Coffee tables are mostly the focal point of a living room as it engages both the guest and the host in a conversation. We always make it a point to install coffee tables made up of different materials such as wood, metal, glass, wool and silk and it will also serve as the focus of cocktail parties. Our interior design team always finds the right contrast with the living room sofa or couch for appropriate accent.

Add Pillows

Pillows make major contribution to a living room makeup and depending on the theme and scheme of our living room designs we induct them in large numbers so they provide comfort, depth and volume to the interior

Mixing with layers of textures

Our 3 room bto interior design include mixing of different living room components so they converge into one big identity that is clearly visible to both the occupants and visitors. BTOs offer larger scope than limited space flats and condos. To create the identity we use glass, metal, wood, wool, fabric, silk etc.