The most common type of housing in Singapore, HDB flats make up more than 75% of the population’s residences. While people often believe HDB interiors to be plain and monotonous, if designed properly, HDB units can appear as lovely as any other residential property. If you reside in an HDB or plan to move into one and want your home to be as stylish as a condo, you must first find a firm that specialises in HDB interior designs in Singapore.


When it comes to HDB residential interior designs, homeowners have several alternatives to select from. First and foremost, residents can decide on the preferred floor plan or layout, which will result in a closed-concept or open-concept HDB design. Once it is decided, the next step will be to select the style, which can be modern, contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian, with each conveying a different vibe. Therefore, homeowners must work with their chosen experts of HDB interior design in Singapore to determine the style that works best for them. This collaborative approach covers, among other things, space planning, lighting, carpentry, and new additions. 

While an HDB entails communal spaces, owners can still modify the interior of the housing unit to reflect their personality and preferences. As an HDB interior design services provider, from bedrooms to modern HDB toilet designs, we can help you change your HDB into a beautiful space by incorporating elements from modern homes. Although some find HDB interior design in Singapore to be challenging, the experience and knowledge our team has accumulated over the years allow us to strike a balance between aesthetic and functional while optimising the space.


Despite the limitations, there are some inventive remodelling that can be carried out to make your HDB unit stand out. Before embarking on HDB interior design in Singapore, here are some aspects that every resident should consider.

  • Budgeting and Planning: HDB interior designing projects often require a considerable budget allocation. As a result, it is critical to maintain reserves on hand during the remodelling process.
  • Design Preferences: Before beginning renovations, make sure to clearly communicate your style and design preferences to the designers. If unsure, look for references and discover what works best for you.
  • HDB Guidelines: The Housing Development Board of Singapore (HDB) oversees the HDB developments in Singapore and has various guidelines that must be followed. This entails obtaining permission from HDB and securing clearance before beginning certain renovation procedures.


If you think an HDB apartment is uninteresting, as professional experts of interior design in Singapore, we are here to change your mind. Let us surprise you with our ability to transform a monotonous HDB unit into a setting that meets your aspirations of a dream home.

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