5 Room Resales Renovation

5 Rooms Resales Renovation

You have a great prospect in the reselling of a 5-room house, only if you refurbish it with some minor or major changes. This is a huge property which may need some brushing up before it is put up on sale for prospective buyers and you would as well rope in MRD to make it appetizing for the potential buyer. Renovation is a big task whether it is small or a big as this and especially when it is going to be put for resale. The renovation choices you make is going to make an impact on the outcome of the resale and here is where we step in and offer our expertise and suggestion on things that can be modified, rejected or introduced for 5 rooms resales renovation.

Here are some major decisions you can make while refurbishing your 5-room resale house

Introduce Landscaping 

If your home front façade is empty space you can fill it up by introducing landscaping features. A house with a landscaped garden in front is a huge attraction for prospective buyers and also value of the house will be considerably increased. You can introduce landscaping, flora and fauna, fountain, gazebo, walkways, rock bordered plant beds, exotic lighting and other landscaping features. By introducing landscaping you not only beautify the home and make it a profitable resale proposition but also will recover the expenditure. Houses with landscaping also go off the shelves rather quickly.

Introduce Sundeck   

Building a sun deck just in front of your front door as an extension of the existing structure is another apparatus for increasing your house’s real estate value. A sun deck not only increase aesthetics of the house but also provides occupants with the extra space which is elegant and open spaced to host parties. It is fantastic resale proposition and we have several sundeck ideas that are fabulous attractions.

Introduce Mood Lighting

Lighting can switch on and switch off moods and also create unique atmosphere for interiors and exteriors in a big way. Choice moody lighting in the entire house interiors and exteriors can also highlight the best features of your home. Lighting and landscaping is one great architectural combination which is capable of selling a house on a high profit irrespective of how the rest of the house looks and functions. The latest LED lighting of different hue will make a big difference in the outcome of the 5 rooms resales renovation.

Introduce Backyard Patio

A backyard patio will be another great addition as it is another resale renovation gimmick which will certainly work. By upgrading your patio with a fire pit, barbeque or outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, glass access, and flagstone pavers you house has a great chance of snaring a high price and have buyers queuing up for the property.

MRD in its achievement list have many successful resale deals that have surpassed their true worth and have resulted in enormous profits for the sellers. You know who to look for if you are selling your old home.