2 bedded interior design

2 Bedded Interior Design

Your 2 bedded houses needs maximum utilization of space to provide you with a living space which is complete in all respect. Manipulating with width and length a 2-Bedroom house happens to our specialty because that is what most the lower middle income group own and they are in huge number. Our interior design team has created most number of models for the 2 bedded interior design projects in Singapore so they can be fitted in to future projects when owners are in a hurry to get their done.

How do we transform a 2-bedded house into full fledged housing for a family?

We at MRD have put in huge volume of research to provide optimum usable space within 2-bedroom housing and to accomplish that we deploy the following interior design elements in our projects.

Give rooms depth with light or dark colors

With medium shades your room will look smaller, but if you use either bright white or heavily dark color paints to create contrast which would result in to rooms appearing to have more depth thus large space.

Use multi-functional furniture or hidden storage

You will find space under staircase, windows, which you can convert into useful storage or seating. A bench built under a window will act as a seating as well as storage box while saving space and offering maximum utilization of available space. Under the stair case you can place racks or shelves to store an assortment of articles from the household.

Use larger decorative items

Instead of placing small decorative items on floors and tables you can use larger decorative items which will actually make the room clutter free. Several small decorative items can make the room congested and using the triangle rule you can save space while utilizing available corner spaces to maximum

Floor to ceiling curtains 

Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your rooms look larger than they are. Rooms actually will look taller creating the illusion of having more space.

Use rugs to create more space

Some of your space that is underutilized can be brought in to use by deploying rugs in those places. Rugs with their colorful nature will easily divide space in to several sections and bringing more usability to the owners. They can be deployed in front of fire place, landings, sub-floors, portico, and even in kitchen.

high windows and low walls create “more”

By placing high windows and making walls lower, your rooms would look bigger from both outside and inside.  With large windows more sunlight will seep into the interior and brighten the space making it look bigger.

Install floor-to-ceiling book shelves

The floor to ceiling bookshelves are another interior decoration elements that will create more storage space in a room/house. You can place more articles than just books to free space from other cluttered spaces.

Some of the above 2 bedded interior designideas actually create space out of nowhere, while some create the illusion of being bigger. We combine both these elements to come up with larger than actual space for the small spaced apartments/housing.

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