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Interior design is an important element of improving comfort in a home and increasing the real estate value of the property. Your home with 4 bare walls and a blank ceiling will mean to nothing as it will prove to be a drab place to live in. Since the invention and application of interior design elements homes started looking appetizing and people started spending more time there. My Reno Diary is in to the quest of transforming blank looking edifices in to tasteful living spaces where people would love to stay 24 hours a day and our past and present work in the city has proved that we are the best property interior design Singapore.

Our interior design is not limited to lone standing properties or landed houses, but also extend to condo units that have limited options of inviting new additions in to their space. MRD has great expert in creating spaces out of no space and still leave homes clutter free, so inhabitants could enjoy the new space without missing the existing space. Our interior designers put more emphasis on creating new utility space and areas out of walls, under the stairs, sub-floors, basement, attic, windows, porch, backyard, garage and other conventionally unutilized spaces. Besides creating new space from existing spaces we also create illusions that make rooms appear larger, brighter and cozier. These are ideas generated from innovative minds of our interior designers who in co-ordination with our interior design artists come up with concepts and layouts paving the way for their implementation.

Our condo interior design Singapore mostly deals with public housing which was allotted by the authorities to people who were encroaching on public land and homeless. These condos offer limited option for interior decoration and usability, but our innovative team with their ingenious interior design ideas have transformed them to small loveable interior space that people look at in awe.  There is no limitation to our interior design ideas to condo interior designing and we have hundreds of satisfied clients in our achievement list. The homes have not only become loveable abodes but also have increased their value in the real estate market.

Some of our space saving interior design ideas will include creating an attic or loft over client’s living space which actually does not eat up your existing space but create a new space where you can walk, sit, read, lounge and sleep. Similarly we use spaces available under staircases that we convert in to small rooms for kids or a mini-bedroom. Large families can use the idea to great use and many homes have benefitted from the idea. Another of our space saving ideas include using corners of homes where we have installed book shelves and at the same time installed seating under them to score doubly on space. If you are a condo or landed home, get in touch with us to decorate your home in the most imaginative manner. We would not only make your home aesthetically pleasing but also increase comfort, increase space and make it convenient for you.

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