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Interior design is an important element in improving comfort in a home and increasing the real estate value of the property. Our condo interior design primarily focus on public housing provided by the government. While these properties only have limited possibilities for interior design, our creative team, with their innovative interior design concepts, has transformed them into gorgeous interior spaces. The condos have not only become a wonderful place to live but have also gained value in the real estate market.


If you have ever entered or lived in a house with four bare walls and a blank ceiling, you know how distressing it can be. That is why interior design has become an integral component of any home or building. It enhances the comfort of a home while improving its real estate worth. Properties have become more appealing to inhabit since the discovery and application of various interior design elements.

At My Reno Diary, we are on a quest to transform empty-looking structures into stylish living spaces where people love to spend their time. Our services include not only commercial interior designs or landed interior designs in Singapore but also interior design for condos with limited space for expansion.


MRD specialises in extending spaces while keeping homes clutter-free, allowing residents to enjoy the optimum space possible. In Singapore condo interior design, we place a greater emphasis on creating new utility spaces and areas out of walls, under staircases, and sub-floors. More space can also be created using basements, attics, windows, porches, backyards, garages, and other traditionally underutilised locations in the house.

One of our space-saving interior design ideas is to build an attic or loft above a client’s living space. This development will rather create a new place for residents to spend their time than take up existing space. Similarly, gaps under staircases can be used to create small rooms for children or a mini-bedroom. Many large families have used this approach and benefited greatly from it.

To save space in condo interior designs, we have also installed bookshelves with seating beneath them in corners of homes. Moreover, we create illusions with our interior designs to make rooms appear larger, brighter, and cosier. These are concepts and layouts developed by our interior designers in collaboration with our interior design artists, laying the groundwork for their eventual implementation.

With hundreds of satisfied homeowners on our client list, our concepts extend beyond condo interior designs to modern luxury interior designs in Singapore.

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If you own a condo or a landed state and you want to use Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore, reach out to us. Our service portfolio attests to our capabilities of interior design in Singapore. We will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also make it more comfortable, spacious, and convenient for you.


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