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As a leading interior design firm in Singapore, we understand the value of creating spaces that are both attractive and functional. Therefore, our designers work tirelessly to create stylish and practical concepts for our clients’ lifestyles. We are well-known for our inventiveness when developing interior designs, and our renovation packages are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you are remodelling your home, workplace, or commercial area, we are here to help you create a statement.

Our renovation packages are affordable, and we handle everything on your behalf, including labour, supplies, and any other deliverables. We strive to provide you with the best services possible while keeping your costs to a minimum. Whether you want a condo redesign or an HDB renovation package, we provide solutions for all your requirements.


Our condo renovation packages renovation packages provide you with all the necessary services for condo remodelling at an affordable price. This condo interior design package contains all professional solutions, from design consultation with space planning to task supervision. While space is limited in these housing units, our creative team develops innovative design concepts to maximise it and create stunning interiors. As we understand the significance of building a home that is aesthetic, functional, and safe, we endeavour to provide you with the best interior design solutions to match your budget and personal requirements.


HDB renovation requires space-saving design ideas capable of transforming the housing unit into a lovely home. Despite its challenging nature, our skilled staff develop designs that strike the perfect balance between practical and attractive. These services range from HDB kitchen renovation packages to complete overhauls, and you can count on us to give you the best HDB interior design solutions.


With modern luxury interior design becoming more popular in Singapore, these premium HDB packages are ideal for residents seeking a refined living space. Its design components mainly focus on quality and craftsmanship, and attention to detail is crucial in generating the best design solutions for this interior design style. With over a decade of experience in interior design in Singapore, we know the specific aspects of the style to emphasise for a more luxurious appearance.


A commercial building is utilised for business purposes and comes in a variety of forms, including retail stores, office buildings, and warehouses. It can also serve several functions, such as housing office and retail space on separate floors of the building. For this package, our team will develop personalised solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality to assist you in transforming your commercial space. Given the importance of this place in providing a safe and welcoming environment for your stakeholders, it is crucial that your commercial renovation is managed by a team of experienced and competent professionals.

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