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When it comes to acquiring a condo in Singapore, a considerable amount of thought goes into your buying decision. Initially, there are factors such as the cost and the neighbourhood of the location to consider. Then aspects such as the amenities of the condo are taken into account. Once you have moved into your condo, your focus will shift to the condo interior design.

You want your condo to be welcoming and feel like a home. Therefore, designing and furnishing the space to your liking is entirely up to you. However, when it comes to conducting interior design for condos, there are some limitations on how much you can change and rearrange the elements in your living space. Before you begin redesigning, evaluate which aspects to modify, how to change them and decorate the unit effectively and the project budget.

Let us look at how you can begin and progress with the condo interior design process in Singapore.


Before starting on the remodelling, you need to determine the design style you prefer. As the condo is where you will spend most of your time, it should reflect your tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer a modern luxury design or a more subtle Scandinavian interior design in Singapore, allow your imagination to go wild by browsing social media sites and going through your favourite home décor magazines or websites. Research different styles and save ideas for condo interior designs until you find a suitable theme or element combination from various styles that work for you. When selecting a style, take factors such as the location, climate, cost, etc., into consideration as well.


Once you have chosen your design aesthetic, consider the beginning point of the new space. Select a focal point of the home that will be visible from multiple areas of the condo and will influence your colour palette and furniture layout. As you want to make the most of every space available, plan everything out before you start. When analysing condo interior design in Singapore, it is critical to understand the usefulness, modification and lighting of the condo. To start off you should measure the rooms, create a to-do list with deadlines, and decide on the colours and décors for the spaces.


Consider each room or zone in your condo as a separate section, and make a list of the essential items for each space, from furniture to appliances. Take stock of what you already have, and then look into the items you still require for your condo interior design. Make separate budgets and keep separate item lists for each room.

When making purchases, evaluate the prices of several options before selecting the ones that best fit your budget. Begin with one room and work your way up to the next once the previous one has been completed.


Functional items can help your home appear larger and less cluttered. Built-ins, modular furniture, and tall armoires can provide more storage as well as lounging space. Similarly, benches or day beds can maximise the space that could otherwise be wasted. Oversized furniture in a limited space can also help to maximise every corner. Utilising a small number of large items allows you to keep your condo interior design clean and simple.


If you are seeking an interior design firm that specialises in condo interior design or landed interior design in Singapore, My Reno Diary is the way to go. Our skilled interior designers work hard to remodel your homes with our thematic interior designs. Due to the scale of our projects and our trusted supplier network, we are able to provide you with the finest deals in the field. We have over a decade of industry expertise and are eager to help you with your interior design needs. For any inquiries regarding quotations, reach out to us today!