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Renovating a property can be an exciting experience for homeowners. However, it can also be a very stressful process, especially when it comes to evaluating costs and setting up a budget. House renovations often cost more than expected, and most consumers lack a comprehensive understanding of the costs they may have to bear. This is why interior designers and other home improvement companies provide renovation packages. This strategy enables homeowners to have an understanding of the services they require as well as the costs associated with the project.


Renovation packages are pre-planned packages provided by interior design or home improvement companies at a reduced price. These packages can range from areas of the home, such as kitchen, to complete home makeovers and include the design, planning, and execution of the renovation project. The scope and pricing will vary depending on the firm and the project. They are a great way to save money on renovation projects as they provide all necessary services at a lower cost. Renovation packages will also save you time, reduce errors, and ensure the highest quality renovation. This is owing to the fact that the project will be coordinated by a single firm. These companies can also provide you with a craftsmanship guarantee, which will set your mind at ease.

A renovation package is a great solution if you are thinking about upgrading your home. However, before committing to a package, evaluate its services and compare them with other options and then make a final decision. The following are some of the most common types of renovation packages.


Sometimes, homeowners may decide to handle multiple home renovation projects at the same time. In such cases, the entire house is gutted and then renovated, room by room. These whole-home restoration packages can vary depending on the housing unit. For instance, you may come across Condo or HDB renovation packages when looking for home renovation packages in Singapore.


Kitchen or bath renovations are the best way to increase the value of a house, and similar to home renovations, they can also be available based on your housing unit. As a result, residents can choose between purchasing a condo kitchen or an HDB kitchen renovation package. Both of these renovation types can be carried out for a variety of reasons, including upgrading carpentry or bath ware.


The top and bottom levels of your home can be potential functional zones, and upgrading either can turn a draughty space into a beloved area in the house. It would require new flooring and walls for division and would be ideal for hosting family and friends.


Despite the circumstances, there are some factors that homeowners should consider before beginning renovations.

  • What is the purpose of the renovation?
  • What is the value and size of the house?
  • What will be the total cost of the project?
  • Which firm will be in charge of the project?
  • Do we require any permits? If so, from where do we get it?
  • Is the weather appropriate for a renovation project?
  • What modifications should be made to our daily schedule?


My Reno Diary is an interior design firm specialising in commercial, landing and condo interior design in Singapore. Located in Sembawang, our team consists of designers with over ten years of experience in the field. Our years of expertise, combined with our strong supplier network, enables us to offer you the best renovation deals. We are consistently striving to provide creative and smart interior ideas to help our customers transform their homes. If you have any inquiries regarding our services or pricing, get in touch with us today!