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In Singapore, space has become a major concern, with residences and flats becoming smaller by the year. As a result, careful space planning is now required for residents to make the most of the available space. HDBs, or Housing Development Board flats, are the most common type of housing unit in Singapore, accounting for more than 75% of the homes in the country. Interior design for these housing units can be a challenging task, especially for the latest HDB flats with limited space. Therefore, most HDB owners prefer a minimalist style when it comes to HDB interior design in Singapore.

Nowadays, most HDBs have nearly identical room layouts. Hence, for remodelling, you will need to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to design an attractive and functional HDB unit. Furthermore, you have plenty of beautiful design ideas to choose from for both closed-concept and open-concept HDB interior design. As a result, let us have a look at some of the most popular ideas for HDB residential interior design in 2023.


When designing a home, it is critical to pay attention to even the smallest detail since it can make an enormous difference in the overall appearance of the house. You can adjust the small features of the interior to make your HDB appear more spacious. Any element, from surface texture and lighting to the pillows on your sofa, can have an impact on the overall ambience of your home.

Try adding groove lines to doors for visual appeal and symmetrical designs to convey a sense of calm. Introduce visual contrast to your interiors and experiment with different laminated and veneered finishes. Accessorise with figurines, art pieces, lamps and rugs to elevate the appearance of your spaces.


The colour palette is another important aspect of HDB interior design in Singapore. While most people associate this term with the colour of the walls, it also refers to the colour scheme of everything in your home, down to the smallest item.

It is why you should match your furniture to the colour of your walls or pair wood grains with neutral tones to achieve a consistent aesthetic. A simple colour change can change the entire vibe of your HDB unit, and it is one of the most cost-effective methods to enhance the interior design of your home.


Having a limited budget for interior design does not mean your home has to have a monotonous appearance. There are still some unique touches you may add to your living space to make it stand out from the norm. 

You can install a sliding door, hang a swing chair, and get furniture that can be modified for different purposes. If you enjoy nature, add plants and hand-woven décor to create a tropical vibe. You can also experiment with modern HDB toilet designs to make them appear more spacious. Similarly, add your own touches to make your living space more personalised to you.


It can be expensive to incorporate odd and intricate carpentry into your HDB interior design in Singapore. Instead, try going with the traditional, linear, built-in carpentry but make some changes with the help of an expert. You can create a sleek and luxurious interior by using greiges, pale taupes or cream tones on your carpentry.


Dedicated areas are spaces in homes that are set aside and decorated for specific interests. Gaming dens, home theatres, and reading rooms are some examples of such spaces. If you want, you may go ahead and set up your own dining or rest area with a couple of armchairs. Try to create your own small spaces and corners within the HDB while keeping it consistent with the rest of the interior.


It is all about being creative and resourceful when it comes to renovating or remodelling your HDB flat. Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, our team of skilled interior designers are here to help you along the way. My Reno Diary is a Singapore-based interior design firm that specialises in landed, condo, commercial, and HDB interior design services. We deliver cost-effective makeovers for your properties with the latest thematic interior designs. Our years of experience, together with our dependable supplier network, enables us to provide you with the best deals for your renovations. If you are looking for a reliable interior designer to remodel your HDB flat, we are only one call away!