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In general, home renovations can be a good investment for homeowners. Home renovations usually increase the home value and home addresses can also benefit from home renovations.

However, before you invite home renovation contractors to do home remodel, make sure you analyze your family needs and home problems first. In general, there are 6 types of home renovation contractors to avoid in Sembawang Singapore


Each type has its own specific warning signs that will help you figure out which one they are when interviewing them about potential projects for your house.

1) The Contractor Who Lies About His Experience

The home renovation contractor who lies about his experience is one of the most common types of home renovation contractors in Singapore. A homeowner hires someone with little or no home renovation experience to do home remodel, and once

work begins the home renovator often leaves many things incomplete. This occurs because these homeowners did not realize that home renovations take much more time and home renovation experience than they originally expected.

2) The Contractor Who Does Not Care About Quality

The home renovation contractor who does not care about quality is another home renovation contractor to avoid. They usually do this for one reason: their home improvement process inserts shoddy and low-quality materials in the home.

This home renovation contractor may use low-quality products such as carpet, countertops, and trim. These home renovators may also only spend a little time repairing the home so they can move on to the next project. 

For homeowners who like home renovation for budget reasons, it is important to remember that home renovations save money when home owners do not make sacrifices in quality.


3) The Contractor Who Lies About His Cost

A homeowner can tell when home contractors are lying about their costs because the price that they give usually seems too good to be true. They may not offer homeowners any home renovation plans or blueprints, and they also do not complete the job on time.

To get home renovation cost estimates, homeowners often ask home renovation contractors for quotes. Some home renovation contractors do additional home improvement without homeowners’ knowledge, which means they are not asking for homeowners’ permission before doing home improvements.

For example, they try to cut corners by replacing oak cabinets with plywood cabinet doors in the kitchen or change windows with cheap aluminum windows. Such changes can be easily noticed after home renovations and it will result in negative reviews of their business.

If you want quality workmanship instead of cutting corners, make sure you hire a home renovation contractor who is honest about his home renovation cost estimate and commit to complete all home renovations within the contract period.

4) The Unlicensed Home Renovation Contractor

Many home renovation contractors practice home renovations without licenses. These home renovation contractors will also do home improvement without professional home-building experience and qualifications.

These home renovation contractors are extremely dangerous because they are not accountable to professional associations or government agencies.

Homeowners should avoid home renovation contractors without licenses. At the same time, homeowners should request a home renovation contractor’s license to ensure that the home remodeler has legal permission to perform home renovation works in your home.

5) The Cheap Contractor

This home renovation contractor tries to make home renovations as cheap as possible. Of course, homeowners would like home renovations to become as cheap as possible. However, there is a point you should take heed of quality and durability vs price.

The Cheap Contractor will cut down your home renovation costs by using low-quality materials such as low-grade paints or poorly fitted woodworks. Low-grade or broken fixtures and fittings that may cause home accidents are also common examples of the home renovations done by this type of contractor.


This type of home renovation contractor usually hires unskilled workers with poor workmanship and offers only basic services (such as painting and simple plumbing works). Ways to avoid them:

Always ask the home renovation contractors the questions below before hiring home renovation contractors.

  • Ask home renovation contractors to provide you with the list of home renovations that will be done in your home and get it approved by you before home renovations are being done.
  • Ask home renovation contractors for references from previous clients. Never hire home renovation contractors who cannot provide testimonials from their previous clients!
  • Always get home renovation quotes from at least 3 home renovation contractors before hiring home renovation contractors.

Do not hesitate to ask home renovation questions by calling home renovation contractors directly if you need home renovations done urgently. Ask home renovations’ contractor about the quality of materials being used, warranty period, and how to call for after-sales support!​

Concluding words Home renovations are usually considered as an investment because home value tends to increase once homes are fully renovated. Hiring cheap home renovation contractors is not recommended because it’s a waste of money in the long run.

Cheap home renovations can result in serious safety risks, inconvenience to living conditions, and loss of property value. Don’t let your family suffer because you were too stingy to hire experienced home renovation contractors in the long run!

6)The contractor who doesn’t finish his work on time.

Having home renovations done will likely disrupt and inconvenience your home and family. Make sure the home renovation contractor you hire will minimize disruption to your home life as much as possible.

If a home renovation contractor promises that he can finish his work in a week, then it is best that you call another home renovation contractor who says he needs at least two weeks.

If home decoration contractors say they need 3 days to start, but after 2 weeks their workers are still not here, it means they don’t mean what they said or simply may not be capable of finishing on time.

A good home renovation contractor should appreciate his customers and do his utmost to respect schedules and deadlines.



If a home renovation is on your mind, make sure you avoid these home improvement contractors. Avoid home renovations that are cheap because they will result in long-term poor quality of home and safety risks to the family. Find a contractor who can finish his work on time or have one ready for when an emergency arises.

Home renovation is a good investment homeowners can make, but home renovations should be done by home improvement contractors who care about the integrity and stability of home life.

With MyRenoDiary all your renovation needs will be done properly at affordable prices. Contact us Anytime forr further information 🙂