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Do you know what home renovations are? They are home improvements made to increase the safety, usability, energy efficiency, and value of a home. Home renovations may also improve home functionality for people with disabilities.

Many home renovation ideas can help you create your new home feel “homey” in Sembawang, Singapore. The following home renovation ideas will be discussed below:  


1) Insulating walls

home renovation ideas Singapore

If you are thinking of home renovation ideas on how to make a new house feel homey in Sembawang, Singapore, then home insulation is something that may be your main concern. Home insulation refers to the insulating materials used in home building. 

These materials are generally classified into two categories: bulk material and reflective material. Bulk home insulation reduces heat transfer by filling spaces with low-thermal conductivity materials such as fiber glass batting and loose-fill cellulose.

Reflective home insulation reduces heat transfer by reducing conduction and convection using materials such as aluminum foil.

Most homeowners in Sembawang, Singapore look for home renovation ideas on how to make a new home feel homey. This is because most of them are reluctant to live in homes with less insulation quality which causes high energy bills.

Insulating walls is one home renovation idea in Singapore that can be done at home to solve this problem. It involves the installation of bulk material such as fiberglass batts in between studs in exterior wall cavities.

Fiberglass batts provide higher-level insulation compared with other materials such as clothing or blankets.

The insulation of interior walls is usually done on home renovation ideas on how to make a new home feel homey in Sembawang, Singapore. This is because they are not affected by various elements such as moisture and temperature changes frequently experienced at exterior walls.

2) Changing windows

home renovation ideas Singapore

Home renovation ideas for changing windows involve having new efficient windows installed. It is a good home renovation idea because home renovations in Sembawang, Singapore are not allowed to alter the exterior of the home with paint or any material that changes the outside appearance of the home.

So home improvements that only affect the inside are necessary when doing home renovations in Sembawang, Singapore. Installing new Energy Star efficient windows will lower energy costs while adding value to your home due to its increased resale value. 

When home renovations in Singapore involve changing windows, homeowners should check with the local city council to make sure they meet certain building codes.

The home renovation ideas that are mentioned above are also home interior design ideas that may require a permit depending on the home renovation in Sembawang, Singapore.


3) Installing new exterior siding

home renovation ideas Singapore

There are several home renovation ideas that can help you make your home feel homey in Sembawang, Singapore. A home renovation idea is to install new exterior sidings such as fiber cement, hardi plank, and steel on the home’s exterior. 

Installing new exterior siding provides a long-lasting finish that won’t fade or require painting.   This home renovation idea will add value to your home in Sembawang, Singapore by increasing its curb appeal.

The right materials for this type of home renovation include:  

– HardiePlank® fiber cement board siding home renovation ideas Singapore

– Alside Masonry home renovation ideas Singapore

– Mastic home renovation ideas Singapore

This home renovation idea will make the home look new. It will also increase your home’s curb appeal, which is crucial if you want to sell your home.

4) Replacing old siding

home renovation ideas Singapore

The home renovation ideas in Singapore on how to turn home exterior into home improvement can be done by simply changing the siding of your home. This home renovation idea is very low cost and easy to do because it does not require any plumbing or electrical work.

Replacing old siding with a new one will give a totally different look and feel to your home, improving its energy efficiency as well as protecting it from harsh weather elements such as high heat and humidity. An additional perk for replacing old siding instead of painting it is that you won’t have to repaint it ever again!

5) Adding insulation to the attic flooring

Home renovation ideas Singapore

insulate the home

Insulating your home is another home renovation idea that you should consider. It can help you to keep energy bills low and keep old homes cozy in Singapore. Unlike other home renovation ideas, adding insulation to the attic flooring does not require a large investment and doesn’t take up much of your time. Most importantly, it helps homeowners save money on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

Before installing insulation in your home’s attic, it’s important that you first check with an expert who can ensure that this home improvement project will be done right. After installation, make sure to regularly maintain the insulation as well as monitor weather conditions so they do not adversely affect insulation levels. Finally, never turn off or shut down the HVAC system. This home renovation idea requires ongoing energy use to be truly effective.



Are you considering home renovations in Singapore? From home renovation ideas to home improvement projects, we’ve got some great tips on how to make your new home feel “homey” and ready for a family.  

To get started with all of these home renovation ideas, contact us today! We’d love to chat about the best options available for homeowners who want their homes renovated without breaking the bank. Our team is here to help renovate or improve any parts of your house that need attention – from insulation installation right through exterior siding replacement – so call us now, if you’re interested!