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Bedroom is the most comfortable room in your home. It is the place where you can feel relaxed and chill, also the place you can escape from the pace of the day. Because it is important, it should have a great look for you. This is why you need a change to a new design for your bedroom with the best bedroom ideas Singapore to give a new touch in your room. 

However, it will not be easy to give a new look with a low budget. You need to consider some details to make your room look better with affordable costs. The key is to create a comfortable design while maintaining that every piece of furniture in the bedroom functions effectively. And with the help from My Reno Diary, you can always make it real. 


Bedroom Ideas Singapore: Make Your Bedroom Look Aesthetic and Affordable 

If you’re wondering how do you make your bedroom look nice and affordable? And you want to make it as soon as possible, these following decoration ideas for room will be so helpful for you to give bedroom makeover ideas for small rooms. 

Keep It Simple

If you have a small bedroom, it is crucial to keep the design simply. Place your bed against one of the corners of the room, leaving more room to move around. It can also be positioned in the center of the main wall. This will provide you some flexibility and space to do other things if needed.

Choose Your Own Style For Your Master Bedroom

Every bedroom represents every owner’s personality, that’s why you should have your own taste in every touch of your room. There are several things you can try to retouch your bedroom, it doesn’t always have to be luxury and expensive. 


Give it a go with cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls for your room because the most important thing is how the design reflects your personality. 

Add Functional Furnitures On Bedroom Interior Design

A small bedroom basically means that you must maximize the most of every square inch of available space. Hidden storage in the form of permanent furniture is one of the best alternatives for small bedrooms. You can have a raised platform with drawers that pull out. This is a great technique to increase storage without drawing attention to it.

DIY Redesign Your Bedroom with a Low Cost

You have read some ideas of decorating a bedroom to look more aesthetic but still affordable. But, if you don’t want to spend any penny for a renovation, you can try these DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget to give you some inspiration!

Different Position

Remodeling the HDB design layout of the bedroom is so affordable that it is indeed practically free! With a little time and effort, you can completely transform the aesthetic of your room just by rearranging your stuff. 

Trying to get rid of unnecessary furniture might help to free up the area and make it seem more spacious. Changing the placement of your bed may also make all the difference in creating a new perspective for your room.

Your Paint Color

Coloring your room with the bold one can be so tempting, but this is not a good idea if you are planning to have a long term decoration for your room. Instead, painting your room white or off-white will never get old even until many years, and it also allows you to redesign as many times as you like without having to worry about the color of the walls.

Minimal Storage

Optimizing your storage in your bedroom is always a good idea, especially when your bedroom is small. Minimize the storage can help you to make the bedroom look more spacious and clean. It would also be one of great bedroom makeover ideas on a budget! 

To prevent random stuff in your bedroom, consider wardrobe organizer, canvas storage bins, and nesting baskets.

Be Creative with Your Wall On Bedroom Design

Wallpaper might be pricey if you cover the entire room, but accenting one or two areas with wallpaper can bring such a fresh touch to your bedroom. It is also a low-cost method to renovate your bedroom. 

Not only wallpaper, you can also decorate your wall with some wall arts! Can’t afford real art? Well, you can be creative with reusable art from vintage stuff or old posters from your magazines! This would be one of your best DIY bedroom makeover ideas. 

Bedroom Design Ideas: Decorate with Fresh Plants

Another thing you can steal from small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget is placing some fresh plants. Leafy plants are ideal for adding natural touches to your space, and some plants are also excellent at producing cleaner air indoors.


Fresh plants bring a touch of color and natural aesthetic to your room, and some can also add a fresh aroma to the area as well.

Redecorating a room by doing it yourself is good, but soon or later, you still need some help from a professional, and hiring the professional would never be wrong. If you think it’s necessary to get help from an interior designer, you can always choose the one that simply knows what you need, for example My Reno Diary. 

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Create the Best Experience of Your Bedroom with My Reno Diary!

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