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Your bedroom is a place like heaven, it is more than just a place to sleep. It is important to create stylish and practical ways to make it look more spacious. However, making a bedroom interior design Singapore for a small bedroom is not easy for most homeowners. No more worries when you can hire a professional like My Reno Diary to help you. 

No matter the size of your bedroom you have, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your dreamy bedroom come true! Here are some innovative ways to maximize your small bedroom, proving that small rooms can be large on design.


Master Bedroom Design Singapore: Create a Modern Look for Your Small Master Bedroom 

A small bedroom requires a creative mind to transform the room into an illusion of depth.  Modern look can be a good idea for your bedroom, but how do you make a small bedroom look modern? Or how do you modern bedroom designing? Well, we will give you tips and tricks, and which HDB small bedroom design ideas will work best for your small room. 

Bedroom Interior Design Singapore: Choose the Right Color

Color is very necessary for giving the best look of your room. You must be wiseful when choosing the color for your walls. Light & neutral color can be the best option to make your room look more spacious. In addition, an all-white color scheme provides a clean, bright environment that makes your small space feel peaceful. To add warmth, use soft creams and off-whites.

Optimize Every Inch of Your Space

When your HDB bedroom is a small one, all you need to do is think creatively and innovatively of your new design. Modern style bedroom has to be the one that has efficiency of the furniture placement. 

It is also good for you if you have a HDB bedroom design with study table. Organizing your stuff is very important to optimize your space. Always make sure not to put many things around your room if you want to have a modern and simple bedroom design of your own. 


Make a Statement of Your Ceiling

To make your small bedroom look bigger, you can choose a particular design to elevate the look of your ceiling and make a point for your ceiling. If your bedroom has sloped ceilings or an unusual shape, a textured ceiling could be a good option for you.

One of the best ways to make your ceiling appear higher is using your walls! Lightings on your wall will create a warm, comfortable environment, allowing you to be more comfortable in your bedroom.

Install Your Bedroom Lights

You can also consider putting some mounting lights or lamps to the wall if your room needs more lights. However, more lights will give you a better vibe in your room. Pendant lights are popular among interior designers for decorating small spaces. 

However, a minimalist wall-mounted or hanging lights not only ensure maximum possible bedside storage but also provide an open, fresh atmosphere.


Turn Your Small Bedroom to be More Appealing

If you are wondering how do you make a small bedroom interesting and is it possible for you to do that? Well, you can do a lot of things to make your bedroom look even better than ever if you are carefully looking for the  best small bedroom design Singapore.

Try a Vertical Space

When the horizontal room is very limited, consider going vertical. Vertical lines provide the sense of space and keep your room from an overcrowded vibe. Vertical lines add an illusion of space and keep your area from feeling cluttered.

Choose Your Favorite Style for Your Walk In Wardrobe

Having a small bedroom is a bit of a struggle, especially when you want to have a walk-in closet for your HDB bedroom design ideas. First thing to do is change your mindset from a walk-in closet into the simpler one that is still appealing for your room. You can try the most optimal style if you are into a minimal look. L-shaped or Galley style can be a good consideration.

Style Your Small Bedroom with a Low Cost

You want to redesign your small bedroom but sometimes still ask yourself “How do you style a modern bedroom on a budget?” We know that redesigning a room will cost a lot of your money, but if you choose the best professional, it will be worth every penny of yours. Here are some ideas to keep your budget low. 

Be Smart on Spending for Furniture

The very first thing you can do for a small HDB bedroom design is always consider before you choose your furniture. Small bedroom only needs a few pieces of furniture to keep it from feeling overcrowded. Do not only choose the ones that have aesthetic look, but also the functional ones.



Functional Platform

To get small bedroom ideas Singapore, putting a functional platform can be a good idea. A platform under your bedding not only adds a clean and tidy aesthetic to your bedroom, but it also improves utility by offering additional ‘secret’ storage. This is also an innovative way to optimize your storage space and it will also save a lot of your money.

Having a compact master bedroom does not have to be a problem for you.There are several innovative ways to completely maximize the space, and we hope that our list has given you some ideas! If you’re still not sure where to begin, get the help of an experienced interior designer to build your dreamy bedroom!

Please feel free to navigate for more dependable guidance and creative home décor and improvement ideas to My Reno Diary. As one of the best professionals in Singapore, we might be a good choice for you. Our company is professionally certified by HDB license and Casetrust Validation. 

Transform Your Bedroom into a Magnificent One with My Reno Diary!

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