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The best way of designing your small bedroom in Sembawang, Singapore is to make it feel spacious and big. It’s important for these rooms to have an airy and light feeling, without losing the more intimate feeling of a smaller space.


Easy Tips On Creating a Cozy Atmosphere In the small bedroom design Singapore

When you think of a bedroom, what comes to mind? For most people, their minds go to the typical bed and nightstands. But there are other options available when it comes to your bedroom. You can get creative with the space by making it more homey or giving it some personality. One idea is to use an interesting colour palette for the walls and furniture pieces in order to make your room feel more cozy.

– Another ideas is Try to redecorate your room with natural textures such as plants, cozy fabrics or anything that has a homey feel to it.

– Keep all lights dim when possible so they don’t overstimulate your senses and disrupt your sleep patterns like being exposed outside on an overly bright day would do for us humans.

– One way to make it seem more spacious is by painting the walls white so there’s nothing dark that’s attracting attention away from the things in the room; this will also work better under the soft lighting.

– You can also try to make the room appear longer than it really is by using mirrors or even better get a long mirror and put it on both sides of your room to give the effect that you’re in an elongated corridor rather than in a small corner bedroom.

– Open up your windows and let some airflow through your room. This will make you feel less stifled and confined, plus the fresh air does wonders for our sense of smell, making us think we’re in a place that’s closer to nature than before.

– A trick I’ve used when trying to relax is to put on some soothing music or just leave my iPod playing quietly and let the music speak to me – they say that music works on the subconscious and can lull one to sleep.

– Make it appear as if your room is bigger with furniture such as bookshelves, mirrors, racks or anything that’s not bulky; put these in front of the walls so you still have enough space for walking around but won’t feel like you’re in a tight maze.

– If your walls are bare and untidy, then you can spice them up with paintings or decals depicting nature scenes or even make it appear like the sun is shining every time you look at your wall. You could use animal prints as wallpaper too if you want!

– Use curtains to dim light flowing into your room from outside; this will help you sleep better and feel relaxed in the morning.

– Use pretty lamps or cool night lights to illuminate the area around your bed but not yourself so you can have enough rest while having a soft glow beamed upon you. You could also play with the color of these for mood enhancement.


Designing Small bedroom to Look Bigger

Do you want to make your small bedroom seem bigger? Here are some design tips to help you out when designing your own small bedroom!

1. Make your bed the focal point of the room.

Often the bed is seen as a focal point of a small bedroom design. It’s true that a bed takes up a lot of space, but it can be a charming focal point and also provides numerous benefits to the room.

The bed should generally be placed in the middle of the room, and have ample space all around it. The bed can be raised up from the floor to make more space for storage below, or can be on the ground under dressers and desks to save space.

2. Maximize your Furniture.

In a small bedroom, your furniture is likely to be pretty limited, so you want to get the most out of it and you need to maximise space. Citing an example, if you have a bed in the room with no other furniture, you should try and place the bed at what seems like the centre for the room. In this way, it will provide balance and symmetry in your design.

These are one the best ideas for small bedrooms because it will practically give you more free space. Instead of heavy table lamps, consider mounting your lights on the wall. This is especially useful for anyone who has a teeny-tiny nightstand, or none at all. You can use vertical space and keep other things on the side table instead

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a small bedroom in Singapore is overcrowding. It’s very easy to do as well. You end up with so much furniture, your room feels cluttered and cramped because there’s nowhere for you to move around.

This is not what you want for yourself or anyone else who visits your dorm room.

3. Use light colors on the walls and ceiling for an airy, bright feeling.

Light colors on the walls and ceiling can make a small space feel airy and bright, while simultaneously keeping the intimate feeling of a smaller space.

Being in a room with light colors creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. The light from these colors also helps to keep you cool in an otherwise stuffy environment.

4. The use of Mirrors can help create the feeling that the room is larger than it is.

Mirrors are an excellent way to make a small room seem bigger; they reflect light and movement, making any room feel more spacious. Creating focal points in your small bedroom with strategically placing decorations, art pieces, lamps, etc. will also evoke this feeling as well.

The size and shape of a mirror can also play a role in this effect. Adding an elongated rectangular or oval mirror into your small bedroom will create the feeling that it is longer and wider.

Using mirrors to make the room look brighter and larger than it is takes advantage of a “trick” our eyes use known as the Ponzo Illusion . The principle behind this illusion is that our minds tend to perceive lengths (like the length of a room) as being longer than they are.

When we place a mirror between two lines or objects, our mind tricks us into thinking the second line or object is much farther away from us and therefore must be further away in reality.

The use of mirrors can also visually divide a room into two separate areas; whether you place one horizontally or vertically is up to your preference.

Vertically mirrors can create an effect of elongating the room while creating depth, where as horizontal placement will make the room look wider.

Try experimenting with the combination of light colors on all 4 walls and ceiling in combination with mirrors to see which effect you prefer.

5. Add built-in storage spaces to maximize space in every corner of the room

Built-in storage is an excellent way to maximize space in every corner of the room. You can purchase a variety of pieces from furniture stores that will fit your needs and create a personalized bedroom for you! This way, everything will be in place and you can access it without any hassle.

6. Maximize natural light by adding windows or skylights.

Where possible, but make sure they’re screened off from outside view if you don’t want people looking into your bedroom at night!

Maximizing natural light is a crucial design feature for any small space. The best way to do this in a bedroom is by adding windows or skylights.

Windows are great in that they can be opened either vertically or horizontally, and there are many different types of window coverings you can hang up to protect against noise from outside your home and exposure to the outdoors after dark.

Skylights are also a good option because they bring light into your room without taking up any valuable floor space–plus, they’re out of reach from climbing babies and pets!

7. Use lots of bedding to make your room cozy and comfortable, but don’t cover up the floor space!

Sometimes you might want to cover up the floors as well as the walls of your small bedroom, but it’s important not to do this. This is one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use lots of bedding and pillows, such as throw blankets and fluffy pillows.

That way you still have nice, soft surfaces for lounging around on, but you don’t have to use valuable floor space!

9. Make use of every wall.

This is a simple and easy design suggestion to create a large amount of extra space on the small rooms. Making use of every wall allows you to put shelves, cabinets, furniture, hang pictures from them for extra visual interest! on these walls.

This small bedroom also has the window in a very particular way which makes it feel like there’s more light in the room. Putting desks along the windows also helps make that feeling.


10. Avoid clutter.

When deciding what to put in your small bedroom, it’s important not to clutter the space. Try putting away anything that you do not need and/or regularly use so as to avoid getting piles of junk everywhere.

One way to maximize space in a small bedroom is by using built-in storage. Built-in storage units allow for more freedom in design without taking up any floor space, and can be installed with little effort!

Another option is to invest in shelving or wall units that are made of open shelves. Shelving can be set up on any wall, and will instantly make the room look larger than it is.

Other considerations when designing a small bedroom may include color, window treatments, flooring and lighting. You may find that you need to change up some of these elements when designing a room for children or teens!

11. Finally, try playing with color accents in your small bedroom.

You could try by using bright pillows or other items with fun colors. Just make sure to use only one color and not a rainbow of them ; )

or other ideas to keep in mind are warm whites and bright colors. Too many dark colors in a small space will feel closed-in, while too many pastels will feel airy but cold. Paint your walls with light shades of yellow, pink, or mint green and then use cool whites for accents like pillows or throw blankets for a perfect mix of cozy and fresh.



If you’ve read this blog post and want more design tips, or if you just have questions about the process of designing a small bedroom, just contact us for our interior designers help.

We are happy to provide expert advice on making your room feel bigger by focusing on airy, making extra storage space, making hidden storage, and light colors that make it seem more spacious.

Our team will be eager to partner with you in order to create an innovative plan for your space!

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