My Reno Diary

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Home renovation is a serious commitment in terms of both time and money, that is why it is often best to start small and work your way up.

In this article, we will take you through some home renovation ideas for your Homes in Sembawang, Singapore That You can achieve. Be sure to plan well since the project will likely run into tens of thousands of dollars and take hundreds of hours.

We don’t usually have problems deciding what kind of style we would like our house or flat to be styled in if given free rein. We choose from one specific type which fits us, e.g., traditional or modern design for an apartment instead of mixing tons of different ones.


We are going to present you with some ideas that would give your house a new look without spending too much.

Interior Designer Favorite: Rustic open-concept.

If you prefer a classic style, this rustic open concept is just the thing for your home. You don’t need to install new hardwood floors but rather varnish old ones or layer them with rugs and carpets.

Have warm furniture items made out of distressed wood to create a cozy feeling?

All you need is an open concept that allows every room to flow into the other and choose materials that are evocative of old-world charms like stone, wood, and rusted metal.

Another idea for this type of touch is to have some beautifully rustic wall sconces in your living area or pendants over a dining table. Also, don’t forget about candles as they will create an inviting atmosphere just by lighting them up. They can be placed on side tables or hung from the ceiling depending on your personal preferences.

One good object that would fit in here is an antique coffee table. In such away, you can create an instant vintage effect without having to spend much time or money on it. Another win-win idea!

Club lounge HDB renovation ideas For Dream Home.

This idea is ideal for people who live in an HDB flat.

You can install an indoor bar with mirrored shelves and elegant cabinets above it to make it look like a real chic lounge. A comfy leather sofa would be just perfect here!

If you live in an HDB apartment, creating a common area would be great.

You can combine two rooms into one and therefore get more space for your living room.

An interesting idea would be to place a sofa or divan as well as club chairs around it. Add some low tables which could also accommodate candles and even plants if you want to have greenery inside the house (a must-have during summer).

To top it off, make sure that there’s good lighting in this room; after all, the lighting is very important when it comes to making any interior design look trendy and stylish!


Cabin boat-inspired renovation.

This idea is interesting simply because it is so unusual. Even if you have no plans of owning a boat, just imagine how cool it would be to live in one?

If you are lucky enough to own a house or flat by the water, this could be the first thing that pops into your head when thinking of a renovation project.

Just think about how elegant and trendy such an interior will look! White walls, light furniture – everything simple yet sophisticated.

Think about some innovative things related to the boating lifestyle as well since they might bring more value to your property later on.

For example, drawers that resemble life vests can add lots of character to the room while also serving practical purposes at the same time! It could be an amazing way to hide your stuff.

Luxe woody home.

If you like the idea of being surrounded by wooden elements, this style is exactly what you need.

The pinewood would look beautiful both in terms of texture as well as color.

You can use such a theme in your home if you want it to look more elegant or stylish. In order to achieve that effect, start by using light-colored furniture such as white or beige.

Next, add some accents and details that include wooden elements such as shelves, flooring, or even cushions! It will give your home personality and character while also making it feel cozy at the same time.

Modern industrial style.

This is one of the most preferred themes when it comes to home renovation. Numerous people believe that industrial decorations are a cool choice for interior style since such a style adds personality and also helps you stand out from the crowd!

One suggestion would be to cover your wall space with wooden planks or by using some interesting wallpaper.

To add some more funk, install a couple of exposed light fixtures as well as suspend them from ropes (they don’t have to look messy!) in order to make the room feel cozier and even intimate.


Using an iron bed or a wooden divan would also look amazing. Add some extra cushions in order to make it more comfortable and cozy!

This is one way of taking your home decor to the next level without breaking the bank!

Japanese style abode Master Bedroom.

If you are a fan of the Japanese style and decor, this idea would work great for your home renovation.

In order to achieve the look that you want, start by focusing on small details such as cushions or even tableware.

Add Japanese elements such as wooden wall panels, lanterns, or even tatami mats! Steer away from adding lots of colors; instead, rely on neutrals in order to achieve the best possible results.

Make sure that there is plenty of light inside your house since it will help you create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere without spending too much time (or money) on it.

Renovation Ideas By Interior Designer For Your Dream Home, Renovation Tips:

Feature Wall

A small change in color can completely transform the room’s effect. Light colors are normally used as the basis colour because it provides simplicity and minimalism. Selecting a wooden-series wall adds elegance to walls. What makes room wall aesthetically pleasing is its resistant to stains in particular. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while staying sustainable while still warm and environmental friendly. The marble feature wall contribute to the color of the room and contribute to the light base color of a room, which is a little crowded.

The lighting

The lighting of a room changes the mood and reflects the size of the room for different angles. Your living room requires three kinds of lighting: ambient positione and recessed. Ambient natural light gives a room an overall illumination position lighting directs light to a number of areas in the work zone. Recessed illumination can be used in floors and ceilings to produce vertical beams of light as opposed to an overall glow from central light fixtures hanging from a ceiling. In a modern kitchen, there are a plethora of light sources and this one is av, especially on the kitchen island area.


Generally speaking there are two types of comfort couches available – dark brown, black. For younger and funky room, exclusive armchair can be moved next to your couch. Add a similar color carpet under your sofa and coffee table set to keep the floor protected. Shelf units and book shelves should be mounted on the wall so they can get more room and look neat. If you don’t find what you wish at a local furniture store get a few pieces handcrafted from a trusted supplier. Are custom made coffee tables or dining tables the right product?


My Reno Diary, Interior Designers In Sembawang Singapore

If you’re looking for a new way to renovate your home in Sembawang, Singapore., consider some of these ideas. Whether you want an industrial style or something more sleek and modern, there are plenty of interior designer trends that could work well with your lifestyle! If this all sounds overwhelming, 

reach out to our team today so we can help create a plan that will suit both your needs as well as budget. Contact us today in order to learn more!