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There are various reasons why people do bathroom renovation Singapore. It could be because they have clogged drains, boring with the current old HDB toilet design, or anything else. To perform an HDB bathroom renovation, there are several things you need to know because you have to properly calculate your budget. This includes why you are renovating your toilet, how much time the renovation will take, and how much work you need to improve your toilet design.

Aspiring to carry out the best toilet renovation Singapore will definitely take so much effort. However, an interior design company can help you to accomplish that! My Reno Diary will make your toilet renovation ideas Singapore come true. As a Casetrust certified company, we will assure you to enjoy our incredible services such as interior design consultancy Singapore soft furnishing all with affordable prices!

 width=So, how long does it take to do a bathroom renovation in Singapore? Why should you do a bathroom renovation? How much work do you need to enhance my toilet utility? Find the answers down below!

The Right Time to Bathroom Renovation Singapore

Consider your HDB toilet getting a touch when it’s urgent and needed. A resale HDB is the most property that Singaporeans perform a bathroom renovation on. This is due to the interiors that are getting old and dirty. In a situation like that, you have to take good care of the toilet since it’s the most productive area of the house. 

Generally, the function of fixtures from an old HDB toilet are most likely decreased. There can be a water leakage because of the old pipes installed, outdated toilet design, worn out cabinets, yellow-ish closet and basin, etc. Those malfunction indicate that you need to call toilet renovation contractor Singapore ASAP!

You can get rid of those toilet nightmares by properly upgrading your toilet. Basically, there are two types of improvement that you can apply to your bathroom. It’s either appearance or function improvements. Focusing on both advancement is absolutely okay if you trust your interior designer wholeheartedly. However, hiring the wrong ID company could bring you more  nightmares!

Associating with an interior design firm is very recommended since they expertise in the reno world. Furthermore several interior designers will provide you with a bathroom renovation Singapore package Singapore! A renovation package can possibly reduce money spendings. Convince yourself to get a package promotion, so that you won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

HDB Toilet Renovation Works For Renovation Contractor


The thought that takes you to the decision of renovating your toilet is because you need something to be upgraded in your bathroom, right? But, do you even know what it has to take to renovate an HDB bathroom?

Performing a one-by-one renovation can be very complicated, so it is recommended to get one of the toilet renovation packages Singapore that your ID firm provides. Some packages include general toilet renovation works such as plumbing, tiling, fixtures (tapware, showers, mirrors, vanities, etc), waterproofing, electrical, lighting, ventilating, and waste disposal. Which service does your toilet need the most? Choose it wisely in order to minimize more budget-spending.

How Long Does it Take To Do a Bathroom Renovation in Singapore?

The most crucial question for this whole renovation thingy is how long does it take to complete an HDB or condo renovation process? Since homeowners need to move out during the renovation, they need to know how much time the contractors will need to finish overhauling the bathroom.

Knowing the renovation duration is also as important as alleviating expenses because if the length of renovation is discoverable, you will have a well-calculated budget to pay the workers. Reno works will approximately take 2 to 5 weeks including the hacking, plumbing, carpentry, and any other renovation works.

The private area where you can enjoy your time alone is the bathroom. It must be very fascinating to have a good-looking and functional bathroom to spend your free time in. Getting an overlay toilet renovation package is a good idea to start, but still, you need to hire the right ID  before you sign any renovation packages.


Toilet Renovation in Singapore Package

There are several toilet restoration packages available in Singapore. These include renovation plans primarily for toilet floor and renovation for toilet walls and floors. Two kinds of renovation packages will require the same technique – overlay or hacking. The cost of renovations vary depending upon the needs of the property to be replaced and the size of the toilet wall and tile replacement. Toilet flooring renovation is additionally made possible by an approved tile coating technique by HDB therefore making toilet tiles look newer and more durable. The price of these packages ranges between $1280 and $1480. If water leaks are discovered it takes just 5-7 working days to complete.

My Reno Diary: Your Interior Design Expert & Renovation Guardian Angel!

Thinking of renovating your resale HDB flat Singapore? Get your all in one kitchen and 2 toilet renovation package with MRD Singapore! Besides affordable renovation package, we will also tailor you a high-end bathroom design that suits your style and personality. Check our website to pick your package choice. We are one call away if you need anything  or you can always visit us at 7 Gambas Crescent #01-01 Ark@Gambas Sembawang, Singapore!