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HDB interior design ideas could be the perfect HDB interior design that you are looking for. HDB apartments, HDB flats or HDB homes, HDB living spaces- whatever you call them they’re all essentially HDBs!

And if you find HDBs intimidating, fear not. There are HDB bedroom designs out there for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Whether your dream is a minimalist modern design or something more traditional we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing.


HDB interior design in Sembawang, Singapore.

There are HDB interior designs that you can find in this beautiful country of Singapore. From HDB 2 room interior to HDB 3 rooms, HDB 4 rooms and HDB 5 rooms design ideas. 

MyRenoDiary are HDB design specialists who can help you build your dream home with HDB interiors.

HDB Interior Design Tips

Use vertical lines wisely. Interior designs start with the decision on how tall one’s living space will be. Opt for an open floor plan if your ceilings are high enough so all spaces flow together seamlessly. With proper HDB interior design , you can use vertical lines to your advantage and create a harmonious balance.

Use HDB furniture as focal points. The HDB spaces that come with HDB flats are not meant to be used as focal points per se, but they can serve as useful HDB furniture pieces for storage or decoration. A HDB sofa set , for example, is a great piece of HDB furniture.

It can serve as a divider between two separate rooms and also provide additional seating in the absence of more HDB sofas . Place it strategically either by a window or near an area where light from outside enters the room most strongly during daytime.


Personalize your home with h decorating ideas. Even if HDB interior design is limited, HDB decorating ideas are not. HDB homes come in a limited set of HDB wall paint colors , HDB flooring choices , HDB window frame styles and had…

Use HDK blinds for HDB windows

*Don’t forget to mention that HDK blinds can help with light control as well! 

The difference between HDK roller blinds and HDK roman blinds are great examples of applying decorating ideas on an HDB flat’s windows. Like most other modular homes’ windows, the layout of HDB homes comes with built-in HDB window frames . These hdcustom made wooden shutters or HDK roller blinds can help HDB home owners apply had…

Decorating ideas for HDB kitchens and HDB bathrooms, HDB interior design for HDBs with 3 or more rooms.

With proper decorating ideas , you can make your HDB kitchen and HDB bathroom design feel like they belong in a dream home! To make sure your HDK blinds work well, follow the guidelines provided by the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB).

It is very important to know how much window space you have so you can maximize it. Also consider using HDB furniture as extra storage space. There are various types of modular homes available so choose one that closely matches your lifestyle.

A HDB interior design is a personal expression of an individual’s interests, tastes and creativity. Whether you’re going for a pared down Scandinavian interior design look, or a riotous explosion of colour, HDB home interior design ideas can add more value to your home than you ever thought possible. And it needn’t be expensive either! If you know where to go shopping in Singapore, HDB interior designs can provide some stylishly finished rooms without breaking the bank account.

Before we get started with HDB interior design ideas that will inspire and impress you and your friends and family with just how good your house looks, let’s take a look at HDB interior design itself.


So take a look at these 10 easy on eye HDB interiors and let us know what inspires you most!

  • The way HDB design can be combined with traditional HDB interior design ideas is simply stunning. This HDB interior design combines the two perfectly and provides a fresh new take on an old classic.
  • A HDB home without some sort of green would almost seem incomplete, and this HDB space has plenty of greenery to keep it feeling open and airy despite the fact that there isn’t much square footage to work with.
  • Another great example of HDB interior design combined with modern HDB interior designs . There’s nothing like adding a splash of color as well as texture to brighten up your day.
  • If you’re looking for HDB decorating ideas that will make you feel like you’re living inside a HDB design magazine, this HDB interior is the perfect choice.
  • HDB home with HDB windows can be an ideal HDB decorating idea if you want to let plenty of light in but still maintain privacy.
  • HDB kitchen designs that aren’t cluttered or complicated are always fantastic HDB interior ideas . This HDB space proves that with its clean, simple layout and warm color palette, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for any homeowner who might be stressed out from a long day at work.
  • A delightfully rustic HDB decorating idea , this HDB room brings together natural materials such as wood and stone to create a cozy feel that’s just right for a HDB living room.
  • If you’re looking for HDB decorating ideas on a tight budget, this HDB interior is the perfect example of how to make it work with limited funds available. Just add some HDB furniture and pictures on the walls, and you’ve got yourself a lovely HDB interior in no time at all!
  • The best HDB decorating idea is always to combine your own interior style design with what works best for your HDB , and that’s exactly what this homeowner did here, creating an inviting and cozy HDB space that’s just right for winding down after a long day at work or enjoying casual family time with the kid
  • A splash of color can go a long way HDB interior design ideas, especially in a HDB living room such as this one. Brighter HDB rooms can give you a lift when you’re feeling down and can help to add some character to your HDB home.



HDB interior design Singapore is a great HDB home decorating ideas for those who are on the go or have minimal time to spend at HDB. If you’re looking for HDB living room ideas, HDB kitchen designs , HDB furniture and more, Singapore has some fantastic resources that will help you create your dream HDB space with little fuss or expense!

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