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Do you have a small space in your 3-room HDB flat where you’d like to make a change? Are you looking for 3-room HDB flat renovation ideas?

You would probably say that HDB renovations are always the best kind of fun to do. But unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy to start because there are tons of 3-room HDB design ideas to try and apply. 

It can be quite frustrating when you own an HDB flat with potential for renovation and you read a lot of ideas to try and then you don’t know what to do. Moreover, you also have to think about a 3-room flat renovation cost as well. Not only to buy new furniture, but also to hire interior designers.


In this article, I’m going to show you 8 mesmerising ideas for a 3 room HDB renovation. This article is written to be the most helpful resource for anybody who wants to enjoy the benefits of doing their home renovation project.

So if you want to start doing your home renovation project, then read on…


#1 Use New Layouts

What’s renovation when you don’t change your house layout? Even though you apply a new theme and buy new furnishings, the same layout will make it look dull and boring. Apply new layouts to your 3-room HDB since it will make a huge difference and make you renovation looks real. Draw them in a piece of paper to give you a clear vision about where to locate your furniture and pieces. Consider not wasting a space but at the same time not making it look cramped and cluttered.


#2 Apply Different Styles for Each Room

Of course it’s essential to make our living space to be the most comfortable place we’d like to spend our time in. And applying our favourite style is a way to make it happen. Choosing a theme for your home might be difficult. It feels like you want to apply all of your favourite styles in your house but at the same time you’re afraid you’re not satisfied with the results.

To overcome this dilemma, you can try to apply different themes in different rooms. By doing this, you can freshen anything up. You’ll be amazed by how beautiful your home looks. For example, you can put a Vintage touch in the living room, add a Scandinavian style in the kitchen, and apply a modern theme in the bedroom. Everything depends on your creativity!


#3 Open Up the Space

When you own a 3-room HDB flat, you might feel that your living space feels cramped due to too many partitions. You feel like you’re suffocated and your movements are limited. Then, it’s time to remove some of the dividers in your home to open up the space. You can combine your living room, dining room, and kitchen together without any walls to make your space look bigger and wider. If you think partitions are a must but at the same time you want your living area to feel spacious, you can add shelves or sheer curtains to separate those rooms. Or, you can install glass partitions to give the illusion that your home is broad.


#4 Install Large Windows

Natural lights are good to improve your mood. Not only is it good for your wellbeing, but natural lights also give warmth to your home and give the illusion of a spacious area. You can Install large windows to allow much natural lighting to your house. It is such an easy way to make your living space feel more comfortable.


#5 Change the Windows Curtains

Renovating your home doesn’t always have to be on a big scale. Small things are also important to notice. For instance, changing the windows curtains. You can change them with a new option of your choice. Maybe curtains with darker or brighter colours. Or with new patterns. Or you can even add elegant Venetian blinds to your windows to control the sunlights effectively. Don’t forget to make sure they suit the themes you apply.


#6 Back to the Nature

Adding greenery is the easiest and the cheapest way when you’re decorating your home. You only need pots, indoor plants, and sunlights. Then you can locate them anywhere you want it. In the living room, in the kitchen, or in your bedroom. You can even hang them on the walls! By adding plants, it will make your house look fresh and alive.


#7 Install a Kitchen Island

If you think having a dining table makes your space feel narrow, why don’t you install a kitchen island? Not only can it be used to cook and serve the food, a kitchen island also provides more storage for your kitchen. You can place a sink, a rice cooker, or even a coffee maker on it. A kitchen island is usually complemented with extra cabinets so you have extra storage to put your utensils. Having a kitchen island is such a practical alternative when you get overwhelmed by having a huge dining table.


#8 Choose My Reno Diary as Your Interior Assistant

One of the most important things when you’re renovating your home is to choose the right and the best designer that suits your need, taste, and budget. MRD Singapore is a licensed HDB designer that will happily help you get the best HDB renovation with reasonable price. We provide dozens of HDB renovation ideas that meet your needs and personality. For more information, visit our website or call us today!