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If you are planning to renovate there are nearly 2 dozen interior design styles available for living rooms. The styles may range from traditional to contemporary, classic to gothic, country to futuristic and so on. Depending on the size of your living room and the need to have moving space you can furnish and decorate the room using any one of the interior design styles available in the catalogue. Here we describe the traditional style residential interior design Singapore you could check before finalizing the one that appeals to you the most.

Traditional style is rich with yesteryear elegance

Traditional design living room is hiked with sophistication and elegance the concept used to design the style dates back to the18th and19th centuries. Finely crafted and elegantly finished wooden tone furniture pieces embellish the living room furnishing. The adornments included in the style are fancy and sophisticated. Elaborate woodwork is the element included in the furnishing where harsh and sharp angles are carefully avoided. The style also ensures that the room does not look cluttered with stuffy furniture and overcrowded.  In the traditional style the room will wear a balanced look without overloading it on either side. Rich and warm colors are pained on the walls and ceilings and floral decoration are welcome and dramatic effects are created using bold colors. Artwork is part of the traditional style living room and interior designers in Singapore ensure that the work is not very contemporary.

Soft curves and warm colors

The traditional style interior design also includes architectural embellishments and here line, space, color, texture and shapes are considered. In this style often beveled wood paneling and elaborate moldings are spotted. Tile and wool floor patterns are presented with intricacy whereas the columns, arches and in-built cabinetry are astonishing additions.   In traditional style you will always find a overstuffed sofa, accented soft pillows, elegant fabric curtains, and framed wall decorations. The traditional style interior design Singapore boils down to soft cures, textiles, furniture, warm colors and moldings and intricate details.

Antique furniture and detailed decoration

The overstuffed sofas, extra soft pillows and warm color choices are exclusively residential interior design Singapore for living rooms. These are also fine examples of traditional style living rooms. Furnishing may be with the combination of walnut and maple wood surface and the curtains are traditionally fabricated to match the general traditional design. The living room style will also bear elaborately carved chairs with intricate design details and it is extended to living room tables and cabinets in the room. In a classic traditional style living room it is obvious to find antique designed furniture and décor in huge assortments.

A traditional style interior design for your living room is forever. Major portion of world population seek traditional style living rooms because they remind them of the past and the people they are associated with.  It is pure nostalgia and a habit harvested throughout generations that people still go for traditional style living room designs. Sourcing the interior design elements and accessories are easy because traditional style furniture and fittings are easily available in the market. You will also find that the furnishing and decoration you invest on last for a long time as traditional style furniture use organic materials like wood more than engineered steel or aluminum frames.