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There is a huge difference between residential interior design and commercial design and we at MRD make clear distinction between the two while drawing the blue print. These two serve diverse purpose so our residential interior design Singapore is drawn in such a way that it serves its purpose well for the house owners.

What are the differences?

Interior design in practice has many specialties and two most important of them are residential and commercial interior design. There are many things in common between these two but at the same time they have their differences.

1.Design Possibilities or scope

Major different between these two is the scope or possibilities that they can provide you with. Residential interior design covers condos, private homes and apartments and the residential interior design deals with the planning and execution of residential spaces. Commercial interior design deals with business buildings, banks, offices, industrial establishments, schools, retail outlets, malls, healthcare centers, clubs, casinos, hotels, cinema, restaurants and more.

2.Design Needs

Residential interior design is employed to transform a space in to livable space. In this category clients are very specific about the design needs and preferences. Here it becomes the duty of our interior designers to work with them closely and so they are able to achieve the client’s need from the outset. Here the interior designer is expected to create custom made residential space that the client is satisfied with. Residential design could be very demanding but is not exhaustive like commercial interior design tasks. In commercial field you have to deal with large spaces which would also mean applying more and better technique in the planning and designing even if it is the most fundamental space. Commercial interiors pose more challenges such as installing elevators, creating parking spaces and fixing air-conditioners. They will also require special lighting, number of restrooms and whole lot of design elements that address large spaces.


With wider scope, commercial design will require sub-specialties which are directly related to structures. Some of these structures will include retail, institutional, sports, hospitality, corporate and others. in residential interior designs you have kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, home furniture and other interiors.

Implication of commercial designs

There is a critical difference between these two as commercial is usually profit oriented. Nature of the interior design is directly related to brand building and business generating. The design must resemble the product or brand for which it is created and should be able to advertise the products in a telling way thus making the design necessarily unique. With Residential interior design Singapore there is no need to enhance the image of a brand or business, but meet the unique needs of the residents. Here there is no such thing as return of investment whether it is a condo or apartment.

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