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Some say that the heart of the home is the kitchen, a sentiment that most Singaporean would agree with. We associate the kitchen with loving memories – our mothers cooking our favorite meals, sneaking in to steal sweets or pickles and so much more. Is it any surprise then that when we get our own home, the kitchen is a high priority area for us, whether consciously or subconsciously? Of course, we also want our home to reflect our sense of style and the kitchen plays a huge role in that. These days, the design of the kitchen is as important as the design of the drawing room or the bedroom and one of the features that is popular when it comes to hdb kitchen glass doors.


Hdb kitchen glass doors are surprisingly versatile; they can go with any style whether it be a modern kitchen or a rustic one. The one thing everyone agrees upon is that they definitely add a sense class to your kitchen. As an additional plus, they are practical; they act as solid cabinetry and open shelving at the same time. There are quite a few different glass door designs that can work with your kitchen décor. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Transparent Glass Kitchen Door Design:

This type of glass kitchen door Singapore design is one of the most commonly used designs when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors. It can work well with most décor styles and is versatile enough to add a pleasant aesthetic to your kitchen regardless of what trend is popular at the moment. It is the perfect way to set up a visual display in the kitchen. However, it does have some drawbacks. Smudges and fingerprints, which are inevitable in a working kitchen, show up easily which means that you have to keep the glass sparklingly clean all the time. Also, transparent glass means that whatever you have in the cabinets is displayed quite openly to everyone.

Frosted Glass Kitchen Door Design:

Made by blasting glass with grit or sand, frosted glass is a very useful alternative to transparent glass. Because it is frosted over, everything in the cabinets isn’t on obvious display. Since the glass is translucent rather than opaque, the outlines of the containers and boxes in the cabinet can be seen although the details are indistinguishable. You can even add a decorative touch to your kitchen by using frosted glass with various designs etched into it.

Textured Glass Kitchen Door Design:

Textured glass is embossed or moulded to show various patterns, something that makes the kitchen doors stand out. There are plenty of options to choose from here; you can choose to go with rain glass, grooved glass, pebbled glass, bevelled glass or even ribbed glass. Textured glass doesn’t show smudges, stains or fingerprints either so you don’t have to spend some time every day cleaning it up. The drawback with this type is that it can go out of style fairly quickly.


Seeded Glass Kitchen Door Design:

This type of glass is called seeded because the glass has small bubbles in it, a style that gives it a certain vintage look. This type of glass generally works great with country or cottage style décor but can also be made to work with a traditional style.

Leaded Glass Kitchen Door Design:

This type of kitchen door Singapore glass works can add a touch of charm to your kitchen. If you have traditional décor, this glass goes great with it. Leaded glass can also be stained adding a touch of colour to your kitchen. Speciality retailers sell this type of glass, though you can also go to flea markets to get it at a bargain price. With glass doors in the kitchen you can either go for the privacy option and work with frosted glass or you can use transparent glass so that your crockery, containers and jars can be displayed to advantage, thereby becoming part of your décor. With varied options available to you, it is a good idea to think carefully before you decide upon the style you want to go with.

Having a glass door is an interesting idea to keep the kitchen visually separated from the rest of the house, so it is important that you choose the right design. You can consult with My Reno Diary to finalise the perfect glass kitchen door Singapore design.


We offer you a wide variety of kitchen glass door Singapore products to select from, also with some helpful insight on how best you can install hdb kitchen glass door wherever you want to have them. We also do our best to ensure the prices are affordable. If you want to place order kitchen glass door Singapore, you can reach us to explain your need as you could have some special requirements for your kitchen glass door Singapore installation.