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Do you love stripped-down spaces, sleek designs and functional furniture? Then you will most certainly love everything to do with industrial interior design. Chances are, you have already been introduced to this types of industrial interior design but haven’t yet defined it as such. Even, industrial style design has been a popular aesthetic in workspaces, malls, restaurants and pubs in Singapore. And now, this kind of style is also finding space in homes. Additionally, read here to find out what industrial style interior design characteristics are, along with how you can recreate it in your own space.


What Is Industrial Interior Design?

Inspired by repurposed factories from the Industrial Revolution, the types of industrial interior design home style embraces exposed architectural elements like pipes, brick, and concrete, and minimalist design philosophy. The interior design style also includes Edison light bulbs, open floor plans, and a cool, neutral color palette.

While the design is based on minimalist, open spaces, the blend of various rustic materials in furniture and lighting accents provides homeowners the opportunity to bring industrial interior design furniture to any living space. Contemporary homes, in particular, use a combination of industrial, mid-century modern and farmhouse style to create a cozy blend in living rooms, dining rooms, or throughout the home.

History of industrial interior design

So, how exactly did types of industrial interior design start? Well, it takes inspiration from the factories built during the late 19th and early 20th century.  These factories were eventually left vacant with the advent of globalisation. In order to not waste such valuable space, innovative architects decided to refurbish these buildings into residential spaces.

They celebrated the building’s infrastructure by leaving their raw elements untouched and exposed, thus giving birth to this interior design trend. 


Industrial style interior design characteristics

Though the industrial look embraces streamlined design and fewer accessories, here are seven industrial style interior design characteristics that define the style and could inspire decor ideas:

  1. Neutral color palette: Industrial spaces don’t simply use shades of white like other minimalist designs. It utilizes the spectrum of whites, greys, blacks, as well as neutral tones of brown.
  2. Embrace natural light: Industrial decor typically features large natural windows with black panes, sometimes in a grid pattern.
  3. Highlight architectural materials: The industrial style typically has open floor plans and high ceilings. Instead of using drywall or wallpaper, buildings feature exposed brick, concrete floors, industrial pipes, industrial interior design furniture and visible ductwork.
  4. Repurposed materials: A wooden coffee table with castor wheels, bookshelf made of reclaimed materials, and repurposed dining tables are a staple of industrial style and a great way to bring natural elements into the metal-heavy materials.
  5. Bare light bulbs: Edison bulbs hanging solo or in a decorative group as a chandelier are common elements of industrial home decor. If you prefer something less bare, large metal domes, a pendant light, or floor lamps that leave the bulb visible are also popular industrial design ideas.
  6. Graphic lines: Whether it’s a windowpane or an iron wheel on bar stools, this style loves clean, graphic lines, particularly created with black metals, rather than sinuous lines and patterns. This is not to be confused with the graphic and highly stylized look of art deco, which highlights bold colors and metallics.
  7. Create coziness with natural textiles: Fabrics like weathered leather or linen work well in these environments for both furniture and accents, creating a lived-in and cozy feel.

The industrial design is all about exposure of materials and the charm of having an unfinished look. It’s both simple to achieve and versatile enough to combine with other industrial interior design furniture. We hope you found our ideas useful! If you want your home to be just as beautiful, then look no further.


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