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A living room is the most important room in a home, and it should be designed in such a way that it helps you to relax after a long day’s work.

A good living room design in Sembawang, Singapore allows enough sunlight and air to flow freely throughout the day.

If your home has poor ventilation, investing in good windows is essential for your family’s health.

A good window will also allow the sun to shine into your living room during the day and provide a beautiful view of your neighborhood at night.


This article is geared towards Sembawang, Singapore homeowners who are looking for a way to create their living room design that they can live with.

This article will go over the basics of what it takes to find a Singapore designer, give an overview of the layout of this living room design, as well as provide attractive inspiration for different living room design ideas.

A Singapore living room design is made of the following rooms:

Living Space Room Design Layout.  

For the living room design, you should focus on creating a layout that complements your existing Singapore home’s size. Here are some tips to help you make a Singapore living room floor plan that suits your needs:

  • Furniture placement

By placing the sofa against a wall in front coffee table you can simplify your layout and save space at the same time.  

Make sure to leave enough room between the back of the sofa and where it meets with the wall to comfortably place your legs.

A live-edge coffee table, which has rounded edges and that may not be as flat as a regular, polished table can also create an element of interest in this room.

  • Consider lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any room and it will also help to make your living room stand out.

Add some track lights or pendant lights for a different look.

Consider placing lamps that are symmetrical on both sides of your sofa to make the room appear balanced.

You can also place some decorative wall sconces and floor lamps near your coffee table for a relaxing glow when it is darker outside.  

Place interesting objects in natural wood or glass display cabinets, using an attractive light behind them will make the display stand out.  


  • Decorations that suit your personality

Choose the right colors, materials, and decorations so that your home reflects your unique style.

Cover your walls with artwork or hang paintings in simple wooden frames.  

Use fabrics such as silk and velvet to add elegance while still keeping your overall budget low.

For the living room design layout, you should create a floor plan that is functional, personal, and affordable.

  • Keep the space clutter-free

A free-living room floor plan will help to add a sense of order and organization to your home.  

An organized house makes for an organized mind, which can be very useful if you need to focus during work or study.

  • Add storage space

As part of the iving room design, don’t forget to add storage space for the things you need when you’re at home.  

If you have kids, it’s important to use storage cabinets for their toys or books.  

For a functional living room design, you should make sure to have at least one bookshelf, as well as a small drawer space for the magazines and newspapers.

  • Create angled walls for better angles in your living room design and decorating ideas.

Angled walls provide better lighting throughout your Singapore home, and allow for more unique decorating options like wall mirrors or flower vases with light bulbs underneath.

You can also add an extra special touch by using rounded corners in certain parts of the living room design which creates an artsy look in the interior of your Singapore home. 


Living Room Space Design Inspirations.

for your living room design, you should include some design inspirations. To do so, here are the living room design inspiration ideas that will add an element of fun and excitement to your Singapore home:

  • Singapore Living Room Table:

Singapore designer houses usually have smaller spaces in their homes than what you find in an American house.

You can still achieve large tables by using a multi-stepped Singapore table or adding multiple low-lying Singapore tables around your living space instead of one big table with chairs on both sides that would take up half your Singapore floor space plan!   

  • Singapore Living Room Modern Wall Decorating Ideas:

Go modern with a living room design. For living room modern wall decorating ideas, mix and match Singapore living room modern decorating accessories for a Singapore style that’s all your own.

You can also use Singapore designer furniture to create an air of contemporary class within your Singapore home.

Singapore Living Room Design with Tv As FocaL Point.

Singapore living room designs are usually broken up into multiple rooms in Sembawang, Singapore homes.

A Singapore TV stand as focal point or entertainment unit will play an important part in creating the purpose of the space where you display things like books and magazines, DVDs, and other valuable treasures act as own focal point! Here are some living room design suggestions for separate areas:

  • – Traditional Storage Cabinets in Your Living Room Design:

If you have a large number of items that need to be stored in, then Singapore design storage cabinets are a must-have for your living room design.

storage cabinets can also be placed within the living room design as well for decorating purposes. Your Singapore home will look stylish and clean at the same time!

  • – Singapore Living Room Art Gallery :

Singapore art galleries are a great way to add some flair to your living room design while adding an design elements of culture as well.

You can find many Singapore designer furniture stores that sell Singapore living room area art gallery pieces that can carry locations ranging from traditional paintings to modern abstract artwork, you’ll surely fall in love with them all!   


Play with lighting in the living room

The amount of natural light in your living room is an effective method which can be utilised successfully. You need to inspire and look at stylish things about it which are your main activities for which you are frequently used. Put up lights that will avoid reflections glaring the eye. If you work often in a living room it’s possible to find a table lamp for the illumination. A second point that should be checked are you task lighting especially relevant to houses with poorly lit interiors. From planning to installing and of the forms that are a type of natural light we know more.

Choose a colour scheme palette

The lakelife apartment chose fresh pastel colors to increase the appearance of the small space. The warm grey shades on the sofa and fully long curtains created a warm and inviting atmosphere. Once the colours are established you can start painting and putting furniture to match. This keeps the room from being messy and chaotic and it creates an excellent way to concentrate on what to say. The Lake life Apartment is located in a small apartment to south-west of Barcelona Spain. It is situated in the vicinity of the San Fransanso town of Costa Rica.


Designing a Singapore living room space can be a daunting task for most people. I’ve found that if you start with the layout of the living room, it’s easier to figure out what furniture you need later.

Singapore homes lack the storage space that many modern homes in other countries have.

Prior to making a decision on what the Singapore living room should look like, it’s important to research living room design trends. Singapore designers realize this and often incorporate design ideas from other countries.

One of these is utilizing more light in order to brighten up an open-concept Singapore home.

If you need a Living Room Consultation or Designer in Sembawang, Singapore.You come the right way!

We provide a company Consultancy for Interior Design and Renovation Services! let us know what you want with your Living room, we could make your living room be more comfortable, and enjoyable!

We would be happy to provide any consultation or guidance you need in order to make these decisions so that you can find what works best for your space. 

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