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Singapore is a bustling city with many interior design choices, but it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your HDB living room. In this post, we will explore some of the most popular styles and what the interior design HDB living room in Singapore will give to you.

A well decorated small HDB living room design reveals volumes about your tastes and housekeeping habits. This is the space where you spend a maximum amount of time entertaining your guests. Perhaps you enjoy a tv show or two sitting in this room. Some of you may also need to catch up with your pending work from the office sitting in your HDB BTO design living room. For all these reasons and more you must take time out to decorate a comfortable HDB living room design.


How to design a Singapore HDB living room

Try to make your space feel light and airy. Install wide windows to let the room get enough of natural light. A well-lit space appears more inviting and elegant than a dimly lighted room. Large windows will also provide adequate ventilation throughout Singapore’s hot warm months. Purchase furniture that is both stylish and complementary to the rest of the room’s decor.

A comfortable sofa, a few cozy armchairs, a coffee table, a floating television cabinet and shelves are some of the basic furniture pieces required in this space. If you have a medium to large room, then you may consider adding a few more articles like corner tables, stools or ottomans and console tables. Place them in the empty corners of the

If the windows have already been covered, don’t buy matching drapes and blinds. Purchase a modest area rug to place in the room’s center or beneath a coffee table. Furniture should not be placed on top of a traditional medallion rug. It will just obscure the rug’s appearance. In such instances, though, glass top tables are a good option. Build and optimize your small HDB living room design storage space.

The most popular Singapore HDB living room design ideas

There are a variety of living room designs that can be chosen to fit your space. Think about what you do in space and what you like to do there. Consult with an interior designer if you don’t know where to start. Here are some Ideas for HDB  living rooms.

Flooring for HDB living room

Natural wood flooring looks warm and is very durable. You may choose from wood types like teak, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and pine for HDB designing the flooring. These are perennial favorites and are hailed for their beauty. Stone is frequently used for building the floor of the Singapore residences. Marble and granite are two of the most

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are cost effective, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colors. You can HDB design the living room floor with these tiles. Bamboo flooring is affordable and easily available at local shops. Cork flooring is favored for its soft, supple nature. Both cork and bamboo floors are easy to maintain.


Patterned rug

Pattern is a powerful 3-room HDB interior design ideas that adds energy to a living room while hiding stains and wear. A patterned rug extends these benefits to the fifth wall and the floor, while anchoring a seating area and bringing life to the entire space. Even if you already have carpeting, consider adding a rug to your seating area. You’ll be glad you had it the first time you roll it up to go to the cleaners after a big spill.

Black and white

Simple 3-room HDB interior design ideas for living room, the black and white geometric walls in the monochromatic modern living room featured on up the drama. Metallic accents are always ultra-modern. Copper, the metal du jour, adds a touch of luxury.

Airy and bright

That thought is exemplified by the small HDB living room design. Pops of color liven up this mostly neutral-toned space. The large prints on the walls add to the sense of vibrancy. It is important to note that modern spaces can include a mashup of furniture styles, such as spindle farmhouse chairs arranged around a dining table. ​


Experiment with texture

Texture is an easy 3-room HDB interior design ideas to overlook when decorating a living room, especially because we don’t see it as much as we touch it. However, plush textures that appeal to the touch and harder textures that add contrast are important for making a living room feel cozy. Include leather, cotton, wool, metal, stone, glass, plant life, and as many other 3-room HDB interior design ideas and photo gallery textures as you can.

Warmth with wood

There are numerous 3-room HDB interior design ideas to incorporate wood into a space, all of which will make it feel more inviting. Consider wall paneling, side tables, movable stools, picture frames, sofa legs, and carved pieces of art, to name a few.


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