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If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen and have enough space available, you shouldn’t think twice about it and install a kitchen island table. Decorative and multipurpose alike, the kitchen island has now become an essential. We will go through the key elements in order to install a kitchen island Singapore, getting the most out of its design and fully taking advantage of what it has to offer.



Before starting to take the measurements and select the type of storage space or the materials you want to use, you should be clear about what the main function of your kitchen island is going to be. You need to decide whether you want to use it only to cook, if you want to include a sink area in its center, or if you want it to be used as a dining area or even for socializing and convert it into the real heart of your home. A kitchen island table can effectively become the main feature around which your entire kitchen will be laid out. When your final plans are made, you can determine its size and an ideal design.

If you want to install a kitchen island IKEA sink area and electrical appliances on your kitchen island, you will need to opt for a larger one. Also, if you prefer to use it as an office space with stools or high chairs, you will need to prioritize the seating arrangement. The kitchen island being an independent unit, with four free sides, can therefore be used to separate different spaces; especially in the case of open kitchens with access to the living room or dining room. It is also perfect to create balance and instill fluidity; making the most of your floor space.


If you have enough space, you will be able to install a kitchen island table with an ideal length of between 250 cm and 270 cm. These measurements will allow you to fit in hotplates and a sink, while enjoying a spacious worktop that’s ideal for preparing food. You will also be able to install drawers of various sizes to set up a spacious and practical storage area, not to mention cupboards for your recycling, etc. The ideal height for your worktop will mainly depend on whether or not you’re going to include an office space with stools. If you opt for low stools, 90 cm is an optimal height.

On the other hand, 110 cm is the perfect height for high stools. You can also design a kitchen island table on two different levels: the lower one for working and cooking comfortably, and the higher one for installing the bar and the stools. If you would rather create an island with uniform height and space for stools, leave 35 cm to 45 cm off the worktop to overhang; anyone seated on a stool will then be able to move their legs freely. To easily move around your kitchen, you should leave a distance of about 90 cm between the island and the kitchen units that are attached to the wall; you will then be able to open your cupboard doors, drawers and electrical appliances, such as the dishwasher, with ease.



There are several options to choose from, including ceiling extractor hoods and downdraft extractor hoods — a type of extractor hood that will rise from your worktop when you need to extract cooking fumes.


The amount of storage space you need on your small kitchen island table will depend on the other areas of your kitchen. If there aren’t many cupboards in your kitchen, you can install large drawers underneath the kitchen island cooking area and use them to store your kitchen utensils, pots, frying pans, saucepans, etc. You will then always have them close by and ready to use whenever you need them. It’s important to ensure there is enough space on your island to prepare food and to cook, especially on its sides.


Always bear in mind the kitchen work triangle; the three essential areas of a kitchen — the cooking, sink and storage areas — should be positioned at separate corners of the triangle and at similar distances from each other. Even if you intend to install a small kitchen island table, the distances between these areas should still be balanced in order to avoid awkward or excessive to-ing and fro-ing. If you’d prefer to create a more conventional dining area, rather than installing a breakfast bar on your island, you could position a free-standing table and chairs beside the longest wall in the kitchen.


You can design your kitchen island table by using the same materials as the rest of the kitchen, or you can have it contrast with the other features by using a different colour tone or different materials. Either way, you should aim for a balanced overall look. When it comes to the island’s worktop, there is a range of materials to choose from: with Silestone’s quartz surfaces you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect kitchen island, one that’s highly attractive and practical at the same time. These surfaces offer superior resistance to stain and are available in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to customize the design of your dream kitchen, filled with character and style.

If you prefer Dekton ultra-compact surfaces, you can choose from a large number of coatings that imitate different materials. For example, kitchen island IKEA wood-like coating of the Wild Collection will help you to create a space that’s both equally warm and functional. If you prefer industrial-style kitchens, you should explore the latest models from the Industrial Collection; their revolutionary and trendy textures will infuse personality to your kitchen and provide all the qualities you’d expect from this brand of ultra-compact surfaces.


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