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If your bedroom is tiny and you don’t have enough space for extra furniture like a dressing table, try having it integrated into your built-in bedroom wardrobe. It’s a fantastic space-saving closet solution for a tiny Singapore hdb flat, and you may have shelves created to fit make-up, perfume, and smells. A mirrored glass door can hide everything, and a glass top may be used to store your hairdryer and straighteners.


Best wardrobe Singapore may transform your bedroom in ways that freestanding designs cannot. They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and materials and may be customized to meet that tight corner with the sloping roof. There are countless combinations and adjustments to choose from, so you can truly personalize it to fit your lifestyle and bedroom space in Singapore. Here are our best wardrobe Singapore ideas.

Floor to ceiling wardrobe

The beauty of built in is that you really can tailor it to your needs and maximise the space from floor to ceiling. We often see designs that have doors from top to bottom too, but having doors for each section as seen here also looks great and will work particularly well in a period property as it has more character visually.

Corner wardrobe design

Although it’s lovely to have a co-ordinated look, sometimes it’s good to make a feature out of an aspect like a wardrobe. We love how this corner wardrobe has been painted white from ceiling to floor, it makes it stand out as a design element and it ties in with the white painted window seat.

White wardrobe

Sometimes built in wardrobes are tucked away in an alcove which means they can be dark, which of course is the last thing you want when trying to find your favorite top. Invest in lights with adjustable arms that highlight each section and consider strip lights too, IKEA wardrobe Norrfly Led lights are ideal for this.

White is one of the pleasant and friendly colors for your home interiors. It can help you in enhancing the interiors and making the space look bigger from the visual perspective. The white wardrobe designs look fabulous and give an altogether new dimension to your room.  Apart from creating an organized space for keeping all your personal belongings, clothes and accessories, this IKEA wardrobe adds to the overall aesthetics of the room where you build a white wardrobe.


Multi function wardrobe

Not only is the inside of your wardrobe cabinet for storing your clothes, it also needs to hold your shoes, overnight cases, watches, jewelry and keepsakes. When you consider your shelving layout make sure you have enough room for these important pieces. They can be of varying heights and needn’t take up much space but are worth considering.

Wardrobe doors

With regards to finish and material options, we now offer more than ever before, meaning that you really can tailor your furniture to your style and taste. Too often people purchase shelving units and free-standing furniture that fulfill the requirements of immediate storage needs but do nothing to enhance the appeal of the room. We love this paneled-door IKEA wardrobe idea that add texture and interest to this bedroom, and how they match the dressing table.

Rails inside wardrobe

The interior of your wardrobe is key and it’s worth spending a bit of time considering what you need to store. We’re not all a whizz at folding, so having more inner rails than drawers could be the answer to your non-folding dreams! Half-height rails for blouses, shirts, skirts and jackets will make your life much easier, and if you wear dresses, have one rail that’s full height.

Inconspicuous wardrobe design

The beauty of built in wardrobe designs is that they can seamlessly fit into your existing scheme, or stand out – whichever you chose. Here, a wardrobe cabinet between the bedroom and ensuite and when the doors are closed you’d hardly notice it. But a clever feature here is that when you open the doors the light comes on automatically – a great design feature to consider.


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