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Choosing the right style is the most important part of decorating your living room. We’ve got all the inspiration you’ll need to ensure your living room is perfect come Christmas. After all, it’s the room where your Christmas tree lives, where you cozy up to watch Love Actually for the umpteenth time, and where you collapse on the sofa after one too many bites of cheese.

To create a truly unique Christmas living room decor, you’ll need to come up with your own. It’s a great way for the family to get in the holiday spirit all year round.

Christmas living room decor ideas

What about living room ideas for christmas, you ask? There’s no better time to bring your family together than during the holidays, especially since the holidays can be stressful for everyone involved.

Here are some ideas you can try:

Go with a neutral style

Nothing speaks to the spirit of Christmas like glittering golds and shimmering silvers, both of which work well with a neutral color scheme.

Change out your sofa cushions and replace them with embellished and beaded options, in burnished shades of pewter and rose gold.

Christmas tree decorating ideas should start with a beautiful artificial tree. There are icicles hanging off the frosted trees. It feels like a winter wonderland because of the decorations, which include lights and ornaments in warm, shimmering pastels like pink and gold.


Plump for Peacock

Does a luxe look without the luxury price tag for elegant christmas living room? Opt for shades of cobalt blue, teals and deep navy, paired with lots of bright gold.

These are the perfect Christmas tree ornaments to use for your winter-themed holiday decor. You can line up the tall ones on a mantelpiece, use them to create a cluster of trees in the corner of a living room, or display them in glass jars on a buffet table.

Use pops of color for uniqueness

There’s a holiday for everybody. The only question is what kind of holiday it is. Some people enjoy going all out, while others prefer a more subtle approach. You may be one in the middle who likes the combination of an out and more subtle approach for elegant christmas living room. 

If you want to give your living room a holiday feel, consider adding a splash of festive color or two to your decorating ideas. The best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to pick out large-sized red baubles in the tree’s gaps to make the tree look fuller.

Follow the red to the mantel. Or even finish your presents with a red ribbon. Whether you are using greens in your home this holiday season, you don’t need to go out and buy new greens.

Shapes are used for cohesion

There are many ways to create a space, but the main three are colour, texture and shape. Shapes can be difficult to work into a scheme. It is not at Christmas.

Go all the way for your Christmas decoration

The best opportunity to create your Christmas living room decor is when you’re thinking about your holiday decor for this year’s celebrations.

Instead of hanging items from shelf supports on the wall, try setting larger decorations such as plants and candles on the floor, alternating and varying heights. If you want to draw the eye upwards, you can drape a garland across the top of a window. Finally, hang statement decorations from the ceiling.

Use living room disco

Bring disco to your front room to set the scene for a Christmas party where everyone will have the time of their lives. There are two main ways to achieve this. One is to go for a full, shiny, glittery, mirrored, all-over look in every spot.

By putting all your party magic on the tree, you won’t be overwhelmed or get tired of the theme too quickly. As it becomes the focal point it will have more impact. It’s easier and it’s more convenient. You can win. If you look closer, you’ll see that a few simple tricks help the Christmas tree stay chic.

Use muted tones in your living room

Jewel tones and dark schemes are always glamorous for Christmas, but they’re not for everyone. The deeper ruby hues and brighter sapphire moments may be overwhelming to some, especially during other times of the year. If you go a little bit darker, everything will look much more natural.

This is a perfect color for a living room because it’s very similar to an emerald but more intense. It’s easy to find these shades in decorations and festive plants, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating. A fireplace is a great addition to any room, so make sure you include one in your room as well.

White and blue colors

How to decorate a small living room for Christmas?

You’ll see many ways to decorate your small living room for Christmas. White is the perfect backdrop for a winter wedding. Light it up and keep the mood festive. The difference comes by adding unexpected moments of soft, pastel blues. This lightens up the overall color scheme, but since the two colors are only a few degrees apart on the color wheel, the overall effect is subtle and gentle on the eye.

Living room Christmas rustic style

Photo by Brett Sayles: 

In more rustic, country-style living rooms, you’ll want to decorate in accordance with the holiday theme.

Use paper crafts for an affordable and creative option

It’s a great craft project to do with your kids. It is easy to decorate with a variety of colors. Paper decorations are fun. They are perfect to finish off your Christmas decorating. There are many ways to decorate your Christmas tree. There are many ways to use paper, from paper flowers to paper chains.

Use pastels colors

If you want to make a style statement in your home, you’ll need to match the colours on the walls. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, but not overwhelming, approach to your home decor, this is the way to go. This is an important color trend for people planning for the holiday season.

Mix your decoration with metalics

The world is going to be a whole lot different in 2021. Christmas is just one part of that big, exciting change. Add a touch of luxury and glamour to your jewelry collection by experimenting with metallic touches.

Adding elements such as red and pink to any room, makes it feel more welcoming and warm. Adding metallic accents also elevates standard decorations. Combining metallic decorations with natural materials, like traditional greenery and faux furs, provides a stunning contrast.

Go with monochrome living room for christmas

The graphic power of black and white is always arresting. White card wreaths and a modern tree keep this Christmas living room scheme looking minimal and contemporary.

A wreath is hung over the fireplace

Wreaths are great for decorating doors or on fireplace mantels. They also make wonderful features in a home’s christmas interior. An oversized copper plant holder is great for holding plants or decorating an area that isn’t big enough for a standard planter. It’s an amazing idea, and the room will smell gorgeous as well.

You can decorate the alcoves

Place a few decorations in the alcoves of the living room to create interest and balance in this space. If you put the decorations on the mantelpiece along the edges, you can balance them against each other.

A holiday decorating guide includes more details than a regular guide because it provides space for each idea, will save money, and also be easy to create for yourself or the kids. To keep the look of the house feeling warm and inviting, you don’t need to go out-of-the-box with your lighting. Adding a few simple lights and hints of foliage will do the trick.

Use jewels for more warm feeling 

Add warmth to the ambience of a roaring fire by decorating with warm spiced tones and jewel colours. In this holiday season, it’s important to add a touch of sophistication to your decor, so add warming shades of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon to your decorating.

Putting gold in your design will help the colours go even further. If you want to add colour to your living room, pair it with lively coloured furniture to make it feel more lively. The darker the paint, the brighter the colours, and when that’s applied to a canvas, it makes for an excellent painting.


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