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Are you the type of person who likes to spend your time alone in the bedroom? Did you know that decorating your HDB bedroom can add value to your living space? Applying bedroom design ideas Singapore to your bedroom can sweeten your character. By doing that, you can explore your taste and style. Most importantly, no one will judge you because it’s your room describing your personality!

Redecorating your resale HDB bedroom can be very fun if you engage with the right interior designer. A Casetrust accredited ID company such as Renodiary will wholeheartedly help your bedroom renovation by providing you with high-end services such as design consultancy, soft furnishing and many more!

So, a little makeover to your bedroom needs simple bedroom decorating ideas! Go no further! In this article, you will get mind-blown modern bedroom ideas to add personality to your bedroom!


Pin Some Wall-arts!

Let’s start with the basic feature of your bedroom: walls. Since it’s your own bedroom, you are allowed to put anything on your wall. But, don’t put too much decoration and also mind the gap between each art. The arts pinned to your wall can be anything. It could be painting, a framed quote from someone famous, or some words of wisdom that can keep you motivated.

Collage Posters: Exhibit Your Taste

Boring with your plain bedroom walls? Try to paste collage posters! Collage posters are well-arranged mini print-outs attached to your wall. The posters can be photos of the bands you adore, one-tone pictures with your favorite colors, or an art cover of your all-time favorite movies!


The Color You Favor the Most

A question of “How can I add character to my bedroom?”, can be easily answered by applying your beloved color to your bedroom. It can simply boost your mood and self-esteem as well! This method is the easiest way to give your room a character. It doesn’t have to be applied for the whole room but you can also add it as the accent color.

Funky Furniture

Modern bedroom designs include unique furniture with high-end quality. It doesn’t have to be the heavy ones, but you can start with light furniture instead. A small reading table with contrasting color to your whole HDB bedroom or a uniquely-shaped lighting above your PLATFORM bed can be one of the best renovation ideas Singapore!

Bedroom Design Ideas Singapore: Catchy Bed Canopy

You might not live in a Victorian era where it’s mandatory for a fancy bed to have a canopy, but you are allowed to steal the look! It’s not outdated as most people say. Instead, a bed canopy can give your room a personality and also will make it look more chic! A canopied bed is still rarely found these days, so a bed canopy can be the answer for those of you who have been asking questions like “How can I add personality to my bedroom?”.

Excite the Bed

If you think that plain-white bed is too dull, you can play with various patterns and colors. This method is also one of the small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget since applying a patterned bed sheet won’t need any additional spaces in your room!.


Elegant Benches

One of the most popular bedroom ideas 2020 is bedroom benches! And it would never go wrong if we try to apply it in 2021! Besides making your room more decorative, a stylish bench at the foot of your bed is also the functional aspect that has to be added to your living space. Adding benches to your room can also answer the question “How can I make my bedroom stylish?”

Mirror There and There

When it comes to small bedroom ideas for couples, you might think how limited the space they have since they live together in a narrow room. The key to making a small bedroom seem bigger is adding mirrors! Applying mirrors to a small HDB bedroom design idea will create an illustration of a wider space.

Comfort Corner

Comfort corner is where you can express yourself most of the time. You have everything you need in your comfort corner. It can be your working space, or the spot where you can read your favorite books. Take advantage of the little space in your room and make it your comfort corner that could indirectly describe your bold personality!

Stylish Rugs

A uniquely-shaped rug, patterned rug, or a soft-textured rug can be your choice of stylish rugs. Rugs can add a motive to your plain bedroom. A rug also has the function to give your personal space a personality because your choice of rugs will state your taste and style.


So, out of 10 bedroom design ideas, which one do you favor the most? Remember, adding a character to your room means that you are free to choose the decorations that suit your taste and style!

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