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Is it time to renovate your kitchen? Or do you have plans to put in kitchen cabinets in your new home?

If you keep up with the current market trends, you’ve probably heard about aluminium kitchen cabinets. Yes, because of all the benefits it provides, aluminum is one of the most preferred aluminium kitchen cabinet materials for kitchen cabinets. Aluminum kitchen cabinets, in fact, outperform traditional wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets in a variety of ways.

Here’s a thorough A to Z guide to aluminum kitchen cabinets if you’re not familiar with them.


What Is Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

In the year 2008, the first aluminium kitchen cabinet was presented to the market.

It is regarded as a breakthrough in the area of kitchen cabinetry since aluminum outperforms wood-based cabinets. Aluminium kitchen cabinets, as the name implies, are built entirely of aluminum and do not include any wood derivatives.

A fully-aluminum kitchen cabinet includes more than just cabinet door and front panels. Back panels, carcasses, drawers, and shelves are just a few of the aluminum cabinet parts you’ll discover.

Never mistake these cabinets with standard kitchen cabinets that simply have aluminum cabinet door.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Benefits

Aluminium kitchen cabinet vs wood cost. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are often being compared with traditional wood cabinets in terms of price, durability and designs. To be honest, the disadvantages of aluminium kitchen cabinet price are slightly higher. But don’t forget that aluminium kitchen cabinets have longer lifespan compared to traditional wood cabinets.

Not just that, Aluminium kitchen cabinet vs wood cost, there are plenty more advantages offered by aluminium kitchen cabinets that outweigh traditional wood derivatives cabinets.Let’s check out some of the amazing benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinet

1.Fire Resistant

When it comes to kitchen cabinet, aluminium provide extra safety feature by being fire resistant. Unlike other types of cabinets that catch fire easily, the nature metal characteristic of aluminium is resistant to fire. Which means, aluminium is able to withstand high heat without getting burn easily. Homeowners can rest assured that their aluminum kitchen cabinets will survive under any unfortunate event of fire.


The stable nature of aluminium and it’s oxidized finishing help prevent aluminium cabinets from rusting.

3.Odourless and Hygienic

If you ever have wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets at home, you are probably familiar with the unappetizing, old and musty smells found in the cabinets. Aluminium kitchen cabinets however will never have the same problems like wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets. Aluminium is odorless and more hygienic compared to wood or fiberboard. The non-porous surface of aluminium actually prevent it from becoming the breeding ground of bacteria and harmful microorganism.

4.Chemical Resistant

If you are concern about safety of having aluminium in the place where meal is prepared, here’s an interesting fact you should know. Surface of aluminium is surrounded by a thin oxide layer around that becomes it’s natural protection against weak chemicals. As aluminium is a very stable metal, it basically does not react with any spillage of mild acidic liquid including vinegar and ketchup.


Moisture is a big enemy to any of wood derivatives kitchen cabinet as it may cause warping and swelling of cabinet parts. Eventually, the damaged area becomes soften and unable to support heavy load of usage. Aluminium however is totally waterproof. Any residues of moisture from damped kitchenwares will not do any harm to aluminium kitchen cabinets.



Among material most commonly used for kitchen cabinet include wood, particleboard, MDF and HDF, Aluminium is the best. Wonder why? As moisture and heat are common in the kitchen, aluminium is the only material that can withstand both without being affected. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are more durable, robust and tougher when compared to kitchen cabinets produced from any other aluminium kitchen cabinet material.

7.Lasting Performance

It is no surprise to find quality aluminium kitchen cabinets can actually last for a lifetime. The secret to longer lasting aluminium kitchen cabinets lies within the thickness and structure of carcasses. Thick aluminium carcass provide better support and does not bend or de-shaped easily.


What is the size of your kitchen?

When it comes to designing your kitchen, make sure there is enough space for your desired style and arrangement. If your kitchen is not big enough do not ever risk on having a kitchen island as it will make your kitchen area looks cluttered.

What is your budget?

As kitchen the disadvantages of  aluminium kitchen cabinets are expensive, it is necessary to have a good grasp of important details and careful considerations before you make any decision. Believe it or not, it will spare you from being overwhelmed with the amount you have to pay at the end of the day. Of course, your budget should be set on a realistic market price. Spend some time on surveying aluminium kitchen cabinet price per foot run for different types of cabinets. Better off, you may also want to request a few quotations from different sources for comparison.

How to Select The Best Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

With all the advantages and disadvantages of  aluminium kitchen cabinets, outstanding features of aluminium, it is no wonder aluminium kitchen cabinets has become the most sought-after type in the kitchen cabinet world. But remember, not all aluminium kitchen cabinet offers the same quality and performance.

 width=Function and Performance

There are two main factors that affect on function and performance of aluminium kitchen cabinet.

Obviously, the first factor encompasses hardware and cabinet parts. It is important for homeowners to ensure the quality of cabinet fittings like door hinges, drawer system and hydraulic lifts.

To achieve well-functioned cabinets with top performance, having high quality cabinet fittings are still not enough. Skillful installation also plays an important role in this, which leads us to the second factor contributing on performance.


We all know that the final goal for many homeowners is to choose the right kitchen cabinet that is stylish, well-functioned and durable. After all, who would want to settle for something less than the aluminium kitchen cabinet price paid?

In terms of price and quality, My Reno Diary are one of the best aluminium kitchen cabinet specialists available in Singapore. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make your aluminium kitchen cabinet feel like a sanctuary. Call or drop us a message and our sales team will be getting in touch with you soon!