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Singapore’s HDB flats are known for their efficient layouts, but let’s face it, corridors can often feel cramped and uninspiring. Fear not, fellow Singaporeans! With a little creativity and these space-saving and stylish design ideas, you can transform your HDB corridor from a mere walkway to an extension of your living space.

What is the HDB Corridor?

HDB corridor refers to the shared space outside HDB flats that leads to the doorsteps of residents’ private abodes. It is a public space that is free for all to use, yet at the same time, guides and leads users to the doorsteps of the residents’ private abodes. The HDB corridor is not a storage space, and cluttering the HDB stairwells, corridors, and riser boxes is not allowed. According to the SCDF, storing combustible materials along the HDB common corridor is not permitted. Some HDB residents have transformed their access corridors into unique spaces, such as a luscious plant corridor or a partial open-concept kitchen.

Why is the HDB Corridor Important?

The HDB corridor is important for several reasons. It serves as a shared space that guides and leads users to the doorsteps of residents’ private abodes, promoting social interactions and cohesion among neighbors. Additionally, the HDB corridor typology can be a space for unique transformations, such as creating luscious plant corridors or partial open-concept kitchens, adding value to the living environment. However, it’s essential to adhere to regulations to ensure the corridor remains easily accessible and safe for all residents, such as not cluttering the space with storage items or combustible materials.

HDB Corridor Design Ideas

Maximize Storage:

  • Vertical Solutions: Utilize the walls! Install floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, or pegboards to store shoes, bags, books, or even potted plants.
  • Multifunctional Furniture: Opt for benches with built-in storage compartments, ottomans with hidden drawers, or foldable chairs that double as side tables.
  • Upcycle with Flair: Give old suitcases, ladders, or crates a new lease on life as shelves, plant stands, or even magazine racks.

Embrace Light and Color:

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Strategically placed mirrors can amplify natural light and make the space feel larger. Lean a full-length mirror against the wall or create a gallery wall with smaller ones.
  • Paint it Bright: Don’t shy away from color! A fresh coat of paint can dramatically transform the feel of your corridor. Opt for light and airy hues like white, blue, or green to create an illusion of spaciousness.
  • Light it Up: Layer your lighting with a mix of overhead fixtures, wall sconces, and task lighting. Warm white LED bulbs will add a cozy ambiance.

Add Personality:

  • Create a Gallery Walk: Showcase your art collection, family photos, or travel souvenirs on floating shelves or picture ledges.
  • Greenify Your Space: Bring the outdoors in with hanging plants, vertical gardens, or potted herbs. Plants not only purify the air but also add a touch of life and color.
  • Rugs and Runners: Lay down a colorful rug or runner to define the space and add a touch of texture. Choose washable options for easy maintenance.

Bonus Tips:

  • Declutter Regularly: Avoid letting your corridor become a dumping ground. Regularly declutter and store items you don’t use frequently.
  • Maintain Clean Lines: Keep furniture streamlined and avoid bulky pieces that will obstruct the flow of the space.
  • Personalize it! Don’t be afraid to inject your own style and personality. Play with patterns, textures, and accessories to create a space that reflects you.

What are The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer in Singapore?

Hiring an interior designer in Singapore offers several benefits, including:

  1. Professional Expertise: Interior designers have the training and expertise to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.
  2. Access to Resources: They have access to a wide range of resources, including showrooms, suppliers, and industry contacts, helping you find the right materials, furnishings, and décor to achieve your desired look and feel.
  3. Space Planning and Optimization: Interior designers can help optimize the layout and flow of your space, ensuring efficient use of each area and smooth traffic flow.
  4. Avoiding Costly Mistakes: Their in-depth understanding of design trends, materials, and layouts can help you avoid costly mistakes, ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  5. Personalized Design: They work with you to understand your preferences and needs, translating your vision into a cohesive and functional design.
  6. Stress-free Renovation Process: They can manage the entire process, from design planning to project management, ensuring a smooth and stress-free renovation experience.
  7. Material Selection: Interior designers can assist in choosing the right materials, considering factors such as durability, cost, and aesthetics, as well as eco-friendly and sustainable options.


By implementing these space-saving and stylish design ideas, you can transform your HDB corridor from a forgotten corner into a functional, inviting, and even stylish extension of your home. While hiring an interior designer is an added cost, the expertise and value they provide can lead to a beautifully designed and personalized space, making it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners and businesses in Singapore. With MRD creativity, even the smallest spaces can be maximized and personalized to create a haven you’ll love!