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Tengah BTO, a visionary project by Singapore’s Housing & Development Board (HDB), is revolutionizing the concept of public housing. This brand-new town, rising on 700 hectares of former industrial land in western Singapore, boasts a unique layout that prioritizes sustainability, fosters a strong sense of community, and offers modern living experiences. As a resident of Tengah BTO, you’ll not only live in a thoughtfully designed apartment but also become part of a forward-thinking urban environment.

Background of Tengah BTO Layout

A. Development History

The land where Tengah thrives today housed brickworks and served as a military training ground for decades. Recognizing the potential for a transformative development, Singapore’s HDB embarked on an ambitious plan to create a sustainable town unlike any other. Construction began in 2021, with the first residents expected to move in by 2027.

B. Location and Surroundings

Tengah enjoys a strategic location in western Singapore, offering easy access to established amenities and future growth corridors. Situated near Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District, it presents exciting opportunities for residents seeking employment in these booming areas. Additionally, Tengah boasts excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore with the upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL) MRT stations conveniently located within the town.

Types of Housing Units Offered

A. Apartment Types

Tengah BTO offers a variety of apartment types to cater to diverse needs and family sizes. These include:

  • 2-room Flexi: Ideal for young couples or singles, these compact yet functional units provide a comfortable living space.
  • 3-room: A popular choice for young families, these apartments offer ample space for a growing household.
  • 4-room: Perfect for families with children, these units provide additional bedrooms and living areas.
  • 5-room: Ideal for larger families or multi-generational living arrangements, these spacious apartments offer the ultimate comfort.
  • 3Gen Flats: Designed to accommodate multi-generational living, these innovative units feature a dedicated living space for elderly parents or grandparents.

B. Features and Amenities of Each Unit

Regardless of the apartment type, all Tengah BTO units prioritize functionality and modern living. Residents can expect:

  • Smart home features: Many units include features like smart lighting, air conditioning controls, and keyless entry systems, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Modern finishes: Kitchens and bathrooms boast sleek finishes and quality appliances, creating a contemporary and comfortable living environment.
  • Balconies: Most units feature private balconies, offering residents a personal outdoor space to relax and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Accessibility features: Select units cater to residents with mobility needs, incorporating wheelchair-accessible doorways and bathrooms.

Layout Design and Planning

A. Architectural Design

The architectural design of Tengah BTO prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. Buildings feature clean lines, modern facades, and integrate biophilic design principles. This means incorporating natural elements like greenery and water features, creating a more harmonious connection between residents and nature.

B. Green Spaces and Landscaping

Tengah BTO isn’t just about apartments; it’s about embracing nature. A central 100-hectare Tengah Park serves as the heart of the town, offering residents tranquil green spaces for recreation and relaxation. Walking trails meander through the park, while designated areas cater to different activities like picnics, sports, or simply enjoying the serenity. Additionally, the extensive network of parks and gardens throughout the town ensures residents have easy access to greenery.

C. Community Facilities

Tengah understands the importance of fostering a strong sense of community. The layout incorporates thoughtfully designed community spaces, including:

  • Schools: Educational institutions within the town cater to children of all ages, ensuring convenient access to quality education.
  • Polyclinics and healthcare facilities: Residents have access to nearby healthcare facilities for their medical needs.
  • Community centers: These centers provide venues for residents to connect, participate in activities, and build relationships with their neighbors.
  • Retail and dining options: Conveniently located shops and restaurants cater to residents’ daily needs and offer opportunities for socializing and leisure.

Advantages of Tengah BTO Layout

A. Affordable Housing Options

Tengah BTO offers a compelling proposition for those seeking affordable housing in Singapore. As a government-initiated project, the apartments are priced competitively, making them a viable option for young couples, families, and first-time homeowners.

B. Proximity to Amenities and Transport Links

The strategic location and well-planned layout of Tengah BTO place residents in close proximity to essential amenities and transport links. Residents enjoy easy access to:

  • Retail and dining options: Conveniently located shops and restaurants cater to residents’ daily needs and offer opportunities for socializing and leisure.
  • Educational institutions: Schools catering to children of all ages are located within the town, ensuring easy access to quality education.
  • Healthcare facilities: Polyclinics and other healthcare facilities are readily available within the town, providing residents with convenient access to medical care.
  • Excellent public transport: The upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL) MRT stations offer seamless connectivity to other parts of Singapore, eliminating reliance on private vehicles.

C. Sustainable Living Initiatives

Tengah BTO is at the forefront of sustainable urban living. The layout incorporates numerous eco-friendly features, including:

  • Underground infrastructure: Essential utilities and traffic are directed underground, freeing up surface areas for parks, plazas, and pedestrian walkways. This fosters a car-lite environment and reduces noise pollution.
  • Smart grids and sensors: The town utilizes smart technology to optimize energy and resource usage. Smart grids ensure efficient power distribution, while sensors monitor water consumption and waste management.
  • Green building practices: Buildings are constructed with sustainable materials and adhere to green building principles, minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Cycling and walking paths: The extensive network of walking and cycling paths encourages residents to choose eco-friendly modes of transportation, promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing carbon emissions.

Application Process for Tengah BTO

A. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a Tengah BTO flat, you must meet specific criteria set by the HDB. These criteria typically include:

  • Citizenship status (Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident)
  • Age requirements (minimum age of 21)
  • Income ceiling limits

B. Application Procedure

The application process for Tengah BTO follows the standard HDB BTO application procedures. Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. Register for an HDB account: This can be done online or at an HDB service center.
  2. Check eligibility: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying for a BTO flat.
  3. Application period: Applications for Tengah BTO flats are typically released several times a year during the BTO launch exercises.
  4. Selection process: Applications undergo a balloting process, and successful applicants are notified.
  5. Flat selection: Successful applicants are invited to choose their preferred unit based on availability.

C. Timeline for Completion

The construction timeline for Tengah BTO developments varies depending on the specific project. The first residents are expected to move in by 2027, with subsequent phases rolling out in the coming years.

Case Studies and Testimonials

A. Experiences of Residents Living in Tengah BTO

While Tengah BTO is still under development, residents of nearby eco-friendly townships offer valuable insights. Here are some potential benefits residents can expect:

  • Improved quality of life: The focus on green spaces, community interaction, and sustainable living fosters a healthier and more vibrant environment.
  • Stronger sense of community: The well-designed community spaces and thoughtfully planned layout encourage interaction and social connection among residents.
  • Convenience and accessibility: The proximity to amenities, transportation links, and educational institutions simplifies daily life for residents.

B. Success Stories of Families Benefiting from the Housing Scheme

HDB’s existing BTO schemes have positively impacted countless families in Singapore. We can expect similar success stories with Tengah BTO:

  • Affordable housing opportunities: The scheme allows young couples and families to achieve their dream of homeownership within a sustainable and well-connected environment.
  • Enhanced living standards: Modern amenities, smart home features, and a focus on sustainability contribute to an improved quality of life for residents.
  • Investment potential: As a forward-thinking development, Tengah BTO apartments have the potential for good long-term value appreciation.

Future Developments and Expansion Plans

Tengah represents the future of urban living in Singapore. With its focus on sustainability, community, and innovation, the town is poised for further growth and development. Future plans may include:

  • Development of commercial hubs and innovation centers, creating employment opportunities for residents.
  • Expansion of green spaces and park connectors, further enhancing the town’s connection with nature.
  • Integration of advanced technologies like autonomous vehicles, creating a truly smart and sustainable urban environment.


Tengah BTO offers a unique and compelling living experience. From its thoughtfully designed apartments and focus on sustainability to its abundance of green spaces and strong sense of community, Tengah sets a new standard for public housing in Singapore. Whether you’re a young couple starting your journey or a family seeking a vibrant and eco-friendly environment, Tengah BTO has something to offer. To create a functional and beautiful HDB maisonette balcony design that meets the unique challenges and regulations of Tengah, partner with MRD. Our team of experts can help you optimize the use of space, incorporate railings, and add greenery to create a relaxing oasis. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start transforming your balcony into a space that complements your home.