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The small living room is one of the main reasons why your home will feel smaller than it actually is. We are so used to the large open spaces of a living room, that when you enter a smaller space like a small apartment or a small home, it feels less inviting. However, you can turn this around and make your small living space look bigger by giving it some good design paint ideas. There are so many ways in which you can spruce up the small living room. Here the best small living room paint colors.


Crisp White

White is so common because it reflects light paint colors for living room, makes the walls seem to retreat, and enlarges small spaces. While whites might contain pink, blue, or even green overtones, this example shows white in its pristine state, devoid of all coloring. It’s just light and airy, not hard or chilly.


Purple and other vibrant, strong hues could be preferable choices for small rooms. Could you picture how overt this color would be throughout a huge living room? You still get a flash of color without overwhelming your home by keeping it to the foyer.


If cream, white, or gray just aren’t cutting it in your living room and you can’t figure out why, khaki is a really great way to reframe things. Whether it’s due to the architectural style, light exposures, or existing furnishings, some spaces just demand something out of the ordinary.


Sky Blue

Nothing calms a space like a hazy sky blue hue. No matter the size of your area, this gentle tone of blue makes it seem a little more open and serene. To avoid overcrowding the room, only apply it to half of the walls.


Although we don’t frequently think of black as a living room hue, take it from the Scandinavians: it looks great. Here, a black living room appears stunning in contrast to the bright off-white paint, but keep in mind that balance is the secret to achieving the perfect finish. In other words, add lots of white to offset the black—on walls, floors, and ceilings. With accessories, add texture and warmer colors as well. The artwork on the sideboard, the pendant lights, and the white and wood tones of the sideboard itself all offer relief in this small living room paint ideas.


Rich teal, like this one, will enliven a small space because it has various undertones, and it can even withstand patterned wallpaper, which was chosen for this powder room.

Dark Teal

A small space does not need you to choose a limited color scheme. Choose a strong hue that’s calming and bright at the same time, like this deep teal. By using lots of warm accents and lighter textiles, you can keep it from feeling abysmally large.

Dark Blue 

Sometimes a small space is the best place to make a statement. While some claim that using brilliant whites and lighter tones is the only way to make a room appear larger, this living room makes a case for employing richer tones. The space is bold and moody without being overpowering because it isn’t very big.

Muted Gray

This specific gray is very versatile and works well in compact areas. It might appear gray, blue, or even green depending on the lighting. If your small living room has wide windows, a color like this will change with the light throughout the day, giving it a dynamic appearance.


All White

Can you believe we have come this far without bringing up white paint? finest wall color for a living room. Even though they might not be the most useful, white living rooms are very dreamy settings, so if your lifestyle can support it, go for it. Both the floors and the walls should be painted white. Just add some house plants, wooden accents, and a few pieces of darker furniture to give it a little lift.


In a small living room with lots of natural light, pick a neutral with mossy green undertones. To compliment the surrounding vegetation and create the impression that the space is a logical extension of the view beyond, the sage paint color and a floral theme pattern were combined in this walk-in closet/pantry converted home office.

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