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A sliding door wardrobe is similar to a closet but it does not have doors. You can stuff a lot of clothing in there without taking up much room. A sliding door wardrobe is ideal for someone who desires a large selection of clothing but doesn’t want their closet to get cluttered. You have to make a decision every time you open your wardrobe door. You have the option of keeping everything closed or leaving everything open. 


Use your doors to transform your room into an innovative retreat if you’re contemplating sliding door wardrobe design. Look no further for sliding door wardrobe ideas in Singapore to get you started, from wacky geometric patterns to exquisite wood shutters, patchwork displays to pop art inspiration.

Simple lines sliding door wardrobe

Simple lines that continue seamlessly across the entire length of your wardrobe doors can draw the eye to travel farther, giving the illusion of a longer, larger space. A continuous linear design extends sleekly across both sliding doors. The sliding door wardrobe design in Singapore has been worked to look like a singular design statement.

Glossy sliding wardrobe

Reflective finishes can be perfect for both small and large spaces, working to amplify light and offering a muted reflection of the view opposite them. In this sliding door wardrobe, the glossy sliding wardrobe has been designed as an ode to the room’s signature palette of silver, soft blue and cloud grey. The reflective finish of the doors is an ideal subtle contrast to the matte surfaces that compose the rest of the room.

Mirrored sliding doors

With their amazing reflective properties, mirrored sliding doors can enhance the brightness and airiness of a room. Mirrors transform this modern, all-white bedroom into a peaceful, light-kissed oasis. The luminosity of the mirrors is a perfect match for the sparkling white interiors and gives the impression of a double-sized room.


Metallic wardrobe

Soft matte metallic surfaces can envelop a room in quiet elegance and simple sophistication.

Rooted in minimalism, this moody grey bedroom is lent a soft sheen by the luminous metallic finish of the sliding doors. With the marble-finish floor and overlapping flat-weave rugs carrying complementary threads of grey, the various elements in the room sit together in smoky harmony.

Casual timber sliding door wardrobe

Timber can be a casual, pared-back alternative to glass or lacquer and can fit into virtually any aesthetic. In this coastal home, wooden sliding doors in their natural grain echo the country-cottage look of the bedroom door and lend to the room’s light-washed appeal. Their warm organic finish is a welcome balance to the spartan white floor.

Classic dark tones wardrobe

Dark tones and classic lighting can create a formal atmosphere reminiscent of an old-world gentlemen’s club. Elegant shutters mask carefully laid-out shelves in this suave cocoon. Crafted in the same tone as the island drawer unit, the bold dark cabinetry works as an aesthetic counterpoint to the room’s vanilla shell.

Geometric wardrobe

There’s something about the predictability of geometric design that lends to creating unpredictable freewheeling patterns with geometric elements. A geometric print can be a natural fit for a sliding wardrobe door, playing to its linear cuts and clean lines.

In this sliding door wardrobe design, grey-toned triangles form a randomized geometric pattern on these high-gloss double sliding doors. A gray accent wall to the right dips into the same cohesive color palette and effectively anchors the doors.


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