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If you want to get the job done right the first time, hire the right people and firm to do the job. Interior designers and contractors usually provide similar services, but they’re not the same. There are differences between interior designers and contractors, and you should consider each one carefully before hiring one to do the job.

The scope of work depends on your budget. If you want to sell your house down the road, it’s a good idea to invest in home improvements rather than renovate it completely. It’s a good idea to check the floor plans of your home to see how you can better use space.

Before you make a decision about who to pick, you should ask yourself some questions. Let’s talk about the differences between a renovation contractor and an interior designer, what they do, and how the different professionals perform.

The difference between contractor Vs. interior design firm

Interior Designer

  • Prepare your home’s interior design.
  • Specialise in improving appearance.
  • They will work with contractors on the renovation.

Interior designers are professionals who help homeowners to create the spaces in their homes that they want. They sketch, use mood boards, and create 3D renders to improve their visualizations of the home.

An interior designer is someone who will take your home and make it work better, more efficiently, and most importantly, more beautifully. You’ll work closely with the designer, talking about your style and what you want to achieve, and then you can find a design specialist who can help you get there.

They also manage your home renovation, which includes working with contractors on timelines, making sure the renovation is on track, and keeping you up to date on the process.


Renovation Contractor

  • If there’s any, the contractor executes the plans made by the interior designer.
  • Work with other contractors usually called subcontractors.
  • Can’t advise on design or aesthetic aspects.

The renovation of an apartment takes a lot of time and effort, and should not be done by a contractor alone. A good interior designer makes the process easy to follow and you will have a design that is easy to follow through on. These include plumbing, electricians, carpenters, painters and many more.

Renovations usually take a lot of planning and know-how. With experience under their belt, experienced renovation contractors have a well-designed renovation project for you, with options to hire an interior designer and other designers.

Price comparison

The amount of money you have in your budget is a factor in renovation decisions. The way that interior designers and contractors charge for their services is different.

Floor plans and 3D drawings are provided for clients by interior designers. The best designers will take the time to understand the lifestyles of their clients so they can come up with a plan. If you hire an interior designer, you’ll have to pay more for planning and management. It’s important to know whether you’re going alone or with someone else.

An interior design contractor Singapore doesn’t have to provide the above but will act on your instructions and recommendations. If you want to get the most for your money, you should get a highly experienced contractor or the best contractor in Singapore. 


Is it a minor or major renovation?

Do you want to make the whole apartment better? If you only need to re-do carpentry, then you have to find someone who knows how to do it. If you hire a contractor, they will be able to help with your bedroom renovations.

It’s much better to work with an interior designer when you first purchase your home because they have the relevant experience to guide you through the entire renovation process.

Why interior design is better in terms of value?

Before a new project begins, some interior designers start talking with their clients. Changes to 3D drawings, any improvements in the current design phase and any improvements to the after-sales service will be provided by them. They will give you recommendations for tiles, furnishings, light accessories, sanitary fittings and etc. Interior designers are also experts in reworking your home to suit your new space, including removing, renovating and updating furniture and fittings.

Interior designer has more knowledge about space planning and design

Contractors follow very specific instructions and do what they are told. Unless they see something coming, they don’t want to say anything. If there were any problems after the renovation, your contractor would say that he or she followed instructions.

If you ever wonder on the question “do we need interior designers?” well, a design professional knows how to make things look nice, but a design professional has knowledge of interior design specifications, which is what you need for creating attractive spaces and are able to share much-needed knowledge that will help in the layout planning of your house.


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