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Kitchens are supposed to be fun. However, it is not always possible to put a lot of things into a kitchen, so you have to choose wisely. A modular kitchen design Singapore  is the perfect combination of practicality and style, allowing you to customize your kitchen without the commitment of a full remodel. By combining the functionality of your kitchen with the design of your home, a modular kitchen can give your home the perfect balance of modern convenience and timeless elegance. With modular kitchens, there are no limits on your imagination, and you can truly customize your kitchen to your personal tastes and lifestyle. You can even take advantage of modular kitchens while living in a rented apartment or condo, as modular kitchen designs are versatile enough to fit in virtually any space.


What is modular kitchen design?

Modular kitchen cabinets are constructed from a variety of cabinet blocks to form an integrated whole. This distinctive structural feature makes modular cabinets far more versatile than traditional kitchen cabinets. Before selecting whether to install a modular cabinet or not, it is important to understand the structural characteristics and features of the cabinet in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of this kitchen cabinet design.


Excellent bearing capacity and a flexible, homogeneous structure are two prominent benefits of modular cabinets. 

  • Modular cabinets have a flexible structure since they are composed of a variety of cabinet blocks, which makes it easy to assemble and shape kitchen cabinets and deconstruct them as well. Customers can also request that the agency create the cabinet to be the exact size and style as their kitchen.
  • High weight carrying capacity: Modular cabinets have a high bearing capacity since they are composed of numerous independent modules. Each module is a distinct area that can house numerous things. The rest of the cabinets are radically different from this. Therefore, if there is too much inside, you should not be concerned about safety. 
  • Ideal for a variety of kitchen spaces: A modern sort of kitchen cabinet with constantly changing kitchen cabinet design options is the modular kitchen cabinet. Therefore, these cabinets are a very suitable option regardless of whether your home is created in a traditional or modern style.


Beyond the benefits, you should be aware of the following restrictions when employing modular cabinets: 

  • A modular cabinet requires a lot of room. As you are aware, new partitions will be produced by each cabinet module. In example, the cabinets will take up a lot of the room in your kitchen if you select 18mm thick partitions. 
  • Modular cabinets are fairly expensive. Each cabinet block that has partitions added takes up additional space inside the kitchen and costs extra to produce. As a result, modular kitchen cabinets are more expensive than standard ones when purchased.

5 Modular kitchen design ideas

L shaped modular kitchen

Two planes in a contemporary Beautiful Homes Service L-shaped kitchen meet at a 90-degree angle. In an L-shaped kitchen, the two neighboring walls naturally create a Sleek Work Triangle.

U shaped modular kitchen

The U-shaped Beautiful Homes Service modular kitchen design is the best in this regard because it reduces kitchen worker traffic. Along with a vast counter space and three walls of storage, this functional kitchen interior design.

Straight modular kitchen

The modern single-wall kitchen arrangement, created by Beautiful Homes Service, is perfect for smaller homes since it places all of the storage, cooking, and cleaning facilities along a single wall.

Island modular kitchen

Due to its size, an island kitchen offers additional space for cooking and storage. Along with its practical advantages, it will also offer a charming aesthetic element that will improve the overall look of your kitchen’s interior design, thanks to Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service!

Parallel modular kitchen

In the kitchen plan designed by Beautiful Homes Service, there are two parallel counters. This type of modern kitchen is compact and effective, with all of the necessities and equipment in close proximity to you and within easy reach.


Reasons you should using modular kitchen cabinets

Save space and time

You can be sure that your kitchen space is well utilized and won’t risk appearing cluttered because the majority of modular kitchen cabinets are created by interior specialists. For instance, modular kitchen cabinets contain a variety of special features including built-in bottle shelves, dish holders, cupboards, waste carriers, wire vegetable trays, and more. 

You may save a lot of time using the modular kitchen cabinet because of the effective and practical work triangle. Even if you only spend a short amount of time cleaning the kitchen, it helps you increase productivity.

Easy to install

extremely quick and simple installation. Modular kitchen cabinets are made in a manufacturing facility and are ready for installation, unlike traditional kitchens, which must be constructed on location. With modular kitchen cabinets, you can change or redesign a piece of the kitchen whenever you want without thinking about how it would affect other neighboring elements or extras.


Modular kitchen cabinets are built of materials that are significantly more durable and heat- and humidity-resistant than another standard kitchen cabinet. The maker may further improve the MDF or raised plywood that make up the core materials. This would give the modular kitchen cabinets greater support or protection, which would increase their durability compared to traditional/conventional wooden kitchens.

Elegant and contemporary

your kitchen’s aesthetic benefits from modular kitchen cabinets. Modular kitchen cabinets are a smarter and more contemporary choice than traditional style kitchens if you want your complete kitchen to appear stylish and trendy. In conclusion, you will likely enjoy the design options provided by the modular kitchen cabinet if you wish to have a traditional yet elegant kitchen cabinet design.

Variety colors and patterns

The main purpose of modular kitchen cabinets is to meet the needs of the customer. Depending on your needs, the design of your kitchen, and your own hobbies, you can find the type of kitchen cabinets that best suit your kitchen. 



Thematic and reflect your personality

MRD Singapore is the perfect formula for you to make your interior dream come true. One of the main keys to great interior design is that it should thematic and reflect your personality and taste as well as be cost-effective. 

With so many styles, trends and designs to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to go for. With MRD in 7 Gambas Cres, #01-01 ARK@Gambas, Singapore 757087, you can definitely prevent this situation and get the best dream design you ever wanted but better. No more stress, contact us here to solve your interior problems.