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You may be limited of space if you are living in a house developed by a housing board or otherwise. This may look awkward for you when people visit you or you may be depressed by the way the room looked so in adequate. However help is at hand in the form of interior design consultancy Singapore and they will provide you with ideas that would make rooms look bigger in your apartment. 

Deploy clever contrasts and light colors

It is a universal fact that light colors make small rooms look brighter and bigger. Bright and light walls are more reflect thus they make space open and airy and this helps maximizing the natural light effect. If you apply dark colors to the walls they will absorb light and make rooms look smaller. Since the light is absorbed, it becomes dimmer inside the rooms making the travel of vision to a shorter distance. Always select paint colors of off-white, green or blue to have optimum effect as these colors have the capability to reflect light more. You can also paint your wall trim and moldings with a lighter color than the walls. This will make the walls appear farther than they are thus makes your rooms look bigger.

Use light as the key element to open up space

Letting in more light in to your small rooms could make them look bigger. If the room is not built for letting in natural light, you can add some lighting fixtures that could increase brightness of the room and the room will dramatically start looking larger. If your rooms have access to natural light then bring it in by fixing larger windows.  That will immediately connect the outdoor to your rooms. Select window covering that are sheer or transparent so light seeps in to the room.

Cut the mess

Clutter will make your small room even smaller. Having too much of stuff inside small room will create a messy look and the room will appear cramped, thus cutting off open space. if you arrange your stuff neatly then the room will appear open and orderly. Clutter could also make your big rooms look smaller so cut the mess down and open up space instead. Covering walls with larger paintings will make rooms look small. If you have too many things that are demanding attention then your room will feel crowded. Always create a focal point when decorating small rooms, the one that will pull all the attention towards it. A table in the dining room is the focal point and in the bedroom it is the bed. By making the focal point the center of attraction and keeping the rest to minimum you could make your room appear larger. It is also important to keep the floor as clean as possible it will provide you with the sense of having more space. if you have larger rugs decorating the floor you can take it off to free up floor space.

Well-placed mirrors can do wonders.

Mirrors can create depth and produce the illusion of having more space. Place mirrors in such an angle that it will point towards the center piece of the room. Mirrors will also reflect natural light and brighten the room to make rooms look larger. An interior design consultancy Singapore will have more say in this as they are trained and experienced on how to create more space out of no space.