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Have you been trying to decorate your living room in a Muji style but failed miserably every time?

If you don’t know how to decorate your living room in a Muji style, then you’ll just be spending your time and money on something that will not actually make your life any better. Because after all, what’s the point of decorating your living room if you can’t really enjoy it in the first place?

In this article, I’m going to show you the simple steps you need to take to decorate your living room with a Muji style.


What is a Muji Style?

Muji is a Japanese concept that embodies an elegant and minimalist living room style. It’s inspired by the Japanese Zen religion. It’s distinguished by sleek, minimalist, and organic features. The pieces are subtle and designed to blend seamlessly in the living space.

 A Muji style is a general term for the way Muji products are designed, manufactured and packaged. It’s also the name of the Muji brand philosophy. The Muji style is based on Japanese design principles that aim to create products with simplicity, utility, and beauty.

Home that’s Muji-inspired has a Zen-like feel to it. It’s serene, organized, and inviting. You can enjoy a calm, relaxing mood in the home, with fewer things to clutter the place. Here are 15 ways to achieve the minimalist living room you will enjoy after a tiring day at work.

Why Muji style?

Muji has a unique design that embodies Muji’s philosophy—less is more. This means that reducing your clutter is done in a thoughtful way. Over-clearing your house can make it look like you’ve made an effort to get rid of it, but nothing has really changed. Balance this up.

 Muji’s goal is to create a world that’s open and flexible and can adapt to the changing lifestyles and needs of the whole family. It’s also interested in creating homes that are open and can adjust to the changing needs of the whole family.

In a simple and neat style, you may not think it’s difficult to achieve. It’s actually a hard thing to do. In the next chapter, we will show you a few methods to get the Muji look.


Here’s How to get the Muji look for your living room


It is the key to achieve the perfect minimalist muji interior design living room is to clean out your house of all unnecessary items. Minimal decoration is the ideal. Your living room should be organized with all items in place. If you get rid of clutter, you will feel more balanced and have better productivity.

Use Neutral Colors

You should keep the color palette in a Muji minimalist living room simple. You want to focus on the furniture, not the paint. Choose neutral tones for your walls and ceiling and maybe a little beige, cream, or pastel for accent areas to create an interesting transition and for added dramatic visual experience.

Use wood for furniture material

Muji living room furniture is minimalist in nature. The color scheme is mostly white, and the furniture is usually made of wood. The main element of Muji design is wood. Choose wooden furniture for the living room to get the Muji-styled living room you’ve always wanted.

Use Beige-colored decoration or furniture

To create a living room designed by Muji style interior design, you need to select sectional sofas with neutral-colored or beige-colored upholstered fabric. Beige colored fabrics should work well with the gray and cream color palette of the room. And remember that creating a minimalist living room is also about colors, textures, and other decors.

Plants for decoration

The best place to find tranquility is in nature and one way to enhance this feeling is by adding natural elements and greenery into your living space especially your minimalist living room. Adding plants to your home adds life to the interior and enhances your muji style living room experience.

Hardwood Flooring is the best option

If you are looking for a Muji-styled home, then solid hardwood flooring is your best choice. Solid hardwood flooring is the best choice because it absorbs sound, makes your interior look organic, sleek, and minimalistic, and provides warmth. Most Muji minimalist living room designs have solid hardwood flooring.


Muji style is an incredible Japanese style that promotes ultimate style from less items. However, less items does not mean it’s more easy to decorate. You need to find the perfect balance withing your living room to prevent it looking dull and boring. With My RenoDiary, creating your Muji Style living room would be an easy task for you because we have the best people to help you with your needs. Please visit our website or office for more info!