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We’ve all seen these before. They’re pretty common when it comes to HDB renovations. And it can be hard to choose what kind of renovation you want to get done. HDB flats are designed for affordability, but often it takes some major renovations to make a flat look more like an expensive one. In this article, we will introduce you to a brand new HDB renovation that is so affordable, you won’t believe it!


HDB renovation ideas

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are the most common type of accommodation for Singaporeans. With up to 80% of Singaporeans living in public housing, the 4 room HDB flat is one of the most common types of accommodation in Singapore. 

In comparison to its 2 room HDB, 3 room HDB, and 5 room HDB counterparts, 4 room HDB flats are the most common and popular home size in Singapore. If you’re looking for some inspiration, don’t miss this because the homes we designed are absolutely stunning.


3 room HDB renovation ideas


For all the single men out there, owning a 3 room HDB renovation is a fantasy. However, if you don’t want to go with a leather sofa or luxurious velvet materials, you can opt for something more modern. Materials such as black concrete floors and marble countertops complement the home’s modern appearance by combining clean lines and strong angles. The darker walls and floors send a strong but subtle message without overpowering the other elements within your four walls.


Those nostalgic for a bygone era of all-things-vintage and retro can still encapsulate that vibe with trademark elements such as exposed brick walls and warm lighting that makes the space feel cozier and more intimate.

Glass for open air

The glass walls separate the living room and gym while still opening up space, making this 3 room HDB renovation appear less cluttered and small despite being a three-roomer. It also helps that plenty of natural light can be let in. You can also arrange your furniture to follow an exercise video or to watch television.


4 room HDB renovation ideas

Contemporary rustic

The three-tone wall in the bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere with its muted and pastel color scheme. The use of contrastive wooden textures in the room, from wardrobes to dark wooden flooring, adds weight to the space while maintaining the lovely rustic aesthetic. 

This space-saving design idea is ideal for 4 room HDB renovation ideas owners who may lack storage space in their home. It contributes to the creation of a clutter-free and minimalistic home that is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable.


This nature 4 room HDB renovation ideas has a whimsical garden-like theme that transforms the home into a wooden wonderland. The living room avoids some common design mistakes by incorporating a variety of wood textures that add a sense of warmth to the space. This is closely related to the nature and greenery-themed home. 

The dining area is adorned with elegant floral décor and wooden furniture to bring life to the homeowners’ garden paradise. Furthermore, the kitchen has white wood cabinets that brighten the space and make it appear cosy and inviting. This complements the home’s pastel hues and muted color scheme, creating a soft glow that creates a relaxing environment.

5 room HDB renovation ideas

Industrial theme

Cement screed walls, exposed light bulbs, wrought iron light fixtures—doesn’t this transport you to another world? If you like the raw, unfinished look, this is your Holy Grail. A young family lives here and wanted their home to be unique. Grays, dark wood tones, and black accents dominate the design scheme, giving this 5 room HDB renovation ideas apartment unmistakably industrial interiors.

Modern clutter-free

It would undoubtedly be this one if you were looking for a modern and clutter-free HDB 5 room design. While the layout of this house is such that when friends come over, the common area becomes a party zone, the private zones are cordoned off to maintain privacy. The home now has a bay window with cabinets below for more storage space in the living room and unique handle-less carpentry for the kitchen cabinets as a result of this BTO 5 room renovation. If you like minimalism, this will give you some great 5 room HDB renovation ideas.


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