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Designing your new HDB or condo flat is undoubtedly a fascinating endeavor. However, after browsing numerous websites and leafing through numerous pages of interior design periodicals, you may get even more perplexed and uncertain. Who should you pay attention to? What is the best option for you?

Don’t be concerned! Rather than getting caught up in the whirlwind of interior design options, let’s get down to basics and look at what may make a difference in the overall look and feel of your home.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of 5 useful design recommendations for your condo condo interior design singapore or HDB unit.


1. Pick the Right Colours

The color of your walls is one of the first design considerations you’ll have to make. It’s significant since it sets the tone for the remainder of the decor. Consider the following questions: is it a sleeping, playing, or working room? Is it a public or private area? Do you want it to be warm and inviting or thoughtful and reflective? These types of questions might assist you in making the best decision.

One of the first design decisions you’ll have to make is the color of your walls. It’s significant since it sets the tone for the rest of the interior design. Think about the following issues: Is this a room for sleeping, playing, or working? Is this a public or a private location? Do you want it to be welcoming and warm, or serious and contemplative? These types of inquiries may aid you in making the best decision possible.

Pro Tips

To brighten up the space if you’ve chosen largely neutral tones, add a multi-colored item like a painting, rug, or throw blanket.

2. Let There Be Light

To improve the lighting in your rooms, make the most of natural light. Before you put any furniture in the space, take note of how much natural light comes in, and when and where it comes in. This will assist us in deciding where to place the sofa or television in order to maximize reading or relaxation.

You should consider the function of the room while planning artificial lighting. General lighting, for example, is appropriate for everyday use, whereas task lighting is more appropriate for working or specific activities. Ambient lighting, such as table and floor lights, on the other hand, creates a gentler atmosphere.

Pro Tips

Place strategically placed mirrors to reflect light to maximize the utilization of natural light. They also offer the impression of more room.


3. Divide Your Space with Furniture

In Singapore, many new flats have an open-concept design. If you live in a studio apartment, this means that the kitchen and maybe other spaces are no longer separated by walls.

This could be good or terrible news, depending on your preferences. Regardless, you may still divide your area into separate “zones” by using your furniture to do so. A kitchen island, for example, can provide not just more counter space but also serve as a barrier between the kitchen and the living area. The back of your sofa can also be used to create a visual barrier between the living and dining areas.

Pro Tips

Screens and room dividers are fascinating design accents that visually demarcate a space while also upping the ante in terms of style. These basic decors are simple to move around to rearrange the environment to your preferences.

4. Make Use of Carpentry

A few of us might be left with rooms with bended or off-kilter corners that will not oblige any locally acquired furniture flawlessly. Here’s the place where custom carpentry comes in. Exclusively fabricated ins fit into some random space, leaving no uncovered corners or breaks while improving your area. 

Other than outlining your home consistently, it additionally makes the bespoke look and satisfies the plan subject that you are going for. In Singapore’s space-starved lofts, an all around arranged carpentry work can save you a lot of room by crushing out subtle capacity regions you never know to exist! 

Pro Tips

Make utilization of carpentry to construct multi-utilitarian furniture that pairs as capacity. For instance, you can introduce rack compartments under the kitchen island or pull-out drawers under the bed to store rarely utilized things.


5. Don’t Forget the Decor

Decorative things complete the aesthetic of a property. Consider including artwork, such as paintings or prints, that complement the space’s colors and vibe. Nature is usually a fantastic thing to have in a space, so add as much as you can, including house plants, flora, and even sunlight-reflecting mirrors. Cushions and candles, for example, can go a long way toward making your home feel welcoming and pleasant.

Pro Tips

Remember not to overdo it when it comes to decorating your home. While a few decorative things are great, cramming five paintings into a tiny space will make it appear cluttered and overwhelming.

Tips Before Starting Your Condo Interior Design Project

The process of remodeling a condo property, whether new or resale, differs significantly from upgrading a HDB unit. This is owing to the developer’s responsibilities, such as regulations and norms. Take the following into consideration before hiring us to renovate your condominium unit:

Developer Guidelines

Many people in Singapore rely on the guidelines and rules set by housing developers to help them make decisions about renovations. Developers are required to follow specific policies that may not be well-known, so it’s important for residents or potential buyers of a new condo unit to read up on any restrictions before making changes.

New vs Old Condo Renovation

Newer condo units are less expensive to repair because they usually come with basic kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Unless you’re finicky and want to replace these fittings, having them pre-installed can save you a lot of money. In addition, during renovations, historic condos frequently require hacking and concealing work, which adds to the cost.


Having Your Dream Design In Mind

You should have a good notion of what kind of home and designs you want to guarantee that the renovation work goes well. Check out our incredible interior design portfolio, as well as Qanvast and Houzz for even more ideas.

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