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There are so many construction companies, but which one is the best? When it comes to renovating your house, you want to find the best contractor to ensure that your project goes smoothly. This is why it is important to choose a reputable construction company that you can trust. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of things that you should consider when hiring a Singapore renovation company.


How do I choose a renovation contractor in Singapore? 

Contractors Research 

When it comes to choosing the right contractor for your home Singapore renovation project, you should do a little research. You need to get different quotes from contractors and see what they’re offering so that you can choose one with an affordable price tag but still someone who has plenty of experience in this field. The more experienced they are, the better- chances are higher that everything will go smoothly! Ask around too about which companies have done projects like yours before as well because these people might be able to recommend some options if none come up when researching on your own.

Which home renovation project are you doing? Home renovations, kitchen remodels, bathroom, hdb renovation and more can be done by HDB renovation contractors. No matter what type of home improvement needs you have- there’s a contractor for that!

Plan your budget 

If you don’t plan your budget beforehand, it will be hard to find a contractor that matches all of the needs for your home. Different contractors have different offerings and if you haven’t set any kind of reasonable budget for this project then there is no way that we could help with finding one who can fit into what both parties are looking for in order to make an agreement! Setting a good amount as needed will also allow room on how much negotiation they would like to do when deciding which cost should come out.

Be clear on what you want. You also need to be very specific about what home renovation project that you are looking for. This will help the contractor know which type of service they should provide and how much time it’s going to take, so that both parties can get a better idea of whether or not this is something worth pursuing in regards


Check for Renovation contractors expertise 

The renovation process can be long and arduous, so you’ll want to make sure that the contractor is experienced in renovating homes. While some contractors may finish a project within just days or weeks with their expertise, others take months for completion due differences in experience levels of contractors. You should look carefully at past examples of projects completed by each potential company before making your decision on which one will get the job done!

Ask Renovation contractors for estimated completion time 

Choosing a HDB renovation contractor only on the basis of price quote is not wise. You should also know what completion time they are offering with that quote, as this can affect your choice in contractors drastically. For example, if one company charges more than another but has less completion time offered to you, it would be worth your money if you want work completed as soonest possible because then there will be no wait for when you need access back into your renovated home. Take care and read all terms before signing any contracts!

Warranties and guarantees from Renovation contractors 

It’s important to make sure that your contractor is using high quality materials and products on the project, as you want it done well for now and in the long-term. If they’re not giving any guarantees of what was used during construction or refurbishment, be cautious!  Check that you are getting a warranty for all the home renovation work done and make sure to ask if it’s transferable in case you sell your home.

Key Points:  – Researching contractors is important when considering which one to choose, as they vary greatly with experience levels!   Setting a budget beforehand will help determine what type of home improvements you want to make and will also help with negotiations.   Make sure to be specific about your home improvement project when looking for a contractor, as it can affect what type of service they provide!


How much do Singaporeans spend on renovation?

Here is an estimation of the price for a 4-room HDB apartment in Singapore. We based our calculations on a 90 square meter house because that is the typical size of housing for Singaporeans.

Renovation TypeLight Renovation WorkModerate Renovation WorkExtensive Renovation Work
Hacking$400 – $2,000$2,000 – $3,600$3,600 – $19,000
Masony$600 – $5,400$5,400 – $15,400$15,400 – $59,600
Carpentry$700 – $14,000$14,400 – $22,600$22,600 – $84,300
Ceiling & Partition$200 – $1,400$1,400 – $2,300$2,300 – $8,300
Plumbing$200 – $600$600 – $1,300$1,300 – $5,600
Electrical$300 – $1,700$1,700 – $3,200$3,200 – $7,700
Painting$200 – $1,400$1,400 – $1,800$1,800 – $4,100
Cleaning & Polishing$300 – $1,100$1,100 – $1,700$1,700 – $13,900
Total Average$15,550$39,950$127,200
Surface MaterialCost per square meter
Marble$322 – $753
Vinyl$54 – $86
Laminate$64 – $86
Ceramic$32 – $129
Parquet$322 – $536

The expense of your payment and maintenance will increase as your home gets bigger. Additionally, don’t discount the tiny steps. 

With 1,000 square meters to cover, the $8–$12 price difference is significant. not to mention the price of transportation, installation, and shipping (especially if the materials are unusual). If you’re having difficulties deciding which material is best for your home, seek advice from an expert. The individuals you work with will also have a big impact on the outcome of your home makeover! Making the incorrect vendor choice could add unnecessary stress. 

How do I choose a renovation contractor? 

The cost you pay and the level of involvement you have in the project are trade-offs. Both vendors will manage the renovation, but there may be a big difference in the value-added services they provide. 

The cost of hiring an interior designer will increase by 20–30% because they handle every area of the renovation, from planning to work monitoring. By doing this, costly renovation errors may be avoided. Contractors will only complete the task as directed by you, saving you money.

Can HDB do renovation? 

Only after you have received clearance from BCA and, where appropriate, the Town Council, will HDB provide the renovation permit. Only a renovation contractor or BCA Approved window contractor listed in DRC (with at least a Class 2 General Builders License) may do the replacement operations.

Rules about HDB renovation noise : can only be done on weekdays between 9:00 and 5:00. On Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the eve of significant public holidays (such as New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa, and Christmas Day), loud renovations are not permitted.

A building permit is unquestionably necessary when a home remodeling involves structural and electrical work. Before the rehabilitation may begin when the property is located within the boundaries of a subdivision, a developer’s or homeowners association’s construction permit is typically needed.


Thematic and reflect your personality

MRD Singapore is the perfect formula for you to make your interior dream come true. One of the main keys to great interior design is that it should thematic and reflect your personality and taste as well as be cost-effective. 

With so many styles, trends and designs to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to go for. With MRD, you can definitely prevent this situation and get the best dream design you ever wanted but better. No more stress, contact us here to solve your interior problems.