4 Room BTO Interior Design

4 Room BTO Interior Design

In a 4-room house it is apparent that you will have at least two bedrooms and one guest room. We at MRD ensure that these two bedrooms get maximum focus in terms of comfort, privacy, ambience and health.  A bedroom is a place where you rest and also share intimate moments with spouse, partner or loved ones. Our 4 room BTO interior designis planned on these basic elements and we integrate the most modern ideas, appliances, and fixtures to realize their full potential.  We induct the following features to enhance the looks and comfort of clients’ bedrooms:

Choose the right Bed

The bed is the center piece of a bedroom so we make sure we get the right bed type and size. Here it is important to choose the color as it has to fuse with the wall and ceiling paint scheme. The entire bedroom design will revolve around the bed and we choose the bed accordingly.

Place Plush and soft rug beside bed

A soft and plush rug on the bedside is a necessity as it acts as the vertical landing space after you have been lying horizontally for quiet sometime. The feel good factor of the rug will reflect your further actions of the day.

Add 4 to 6 pillows

Depending on the bed size we would induct 4 to 6 pillows of medium or big size. In the bed you just don’t lie down but also recline on the headboard and the pillows will act as cushion for the head on both occasions.

Add beside Seating

A bedroom besides accommodating a king or queen sized bed also need extra seating to seat a guest. The seating can be also useful for partners to converse in privacy. Any guest who come visiting when you are ill or something, the seating will come handy.

Install book case

It is very important furniture that every bedroom must have, so it facilitates the reading habit of the occupants. A book case placed near the bed also encourages occupants to continue the habit. Besides serving as a book case it also allows you to place personal items on top.

Install mattress topper

Firm and soft mattress is the next step to bedroom comfort but it can be increased further by installing a mattress topper. The topper must provide the feeling of being in the clouds and we choose accordingly to get the right touch and feel.

Install night stand

Nightstands complementing your bed size, style and color must be placed beside your bed on both sides. There are umpteen accessories that will find their way to the stands and they would include your spouse and family photo frames, watches, jewelry, lamps and other personal knick knacks
Wall paint or color

Finally the wall paint or color we choose for the for the bedrooms of the 4 room bto interior designis chosen thematically so it matches the kaleidoscope of the room colors in the most seamless way.