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A lot of people are likely to rent and live in HDBs and condos, which are often small. We all know how difficult it can be to squeeze a wardrobe into a small space, but don’t worry we have the solution!


Here are some ways you could organize your closet so it looks tidy, spacious, and organized.  

The key is to arrange these according to the type of clothing they belong to. This will make it easier for you when you need to find something. Label each section with a different color for clarity.  Organize by type of clothing as well. Grouping dark to light, and formal to casual will help you locate your clothes faster. 

You could also group your clothes according to the season; for example, separate them into “winter” and “summer,” so you can find them more easily. Keep a corner of the closet empty just in case you buy any new items.

Maximizing wardrobe space is definitely a fun way to reinvent your boring wardrobe that is staring you in the face. Of course, if you don’t have much space for a wardrobe, then think about getting rid of some of your bulkier items and just get suitable replacements instead!

This way, you’ll have more room for an almost entirely Maximizing wardrobe space. It’s also worth considering getting some hanging rods that attach to the wall, which can be easily removed if you are going somewhere where there is no space for them. These rods will provide you with extra room and they look pretty professional too!

If you’re on a budget, we have amazing deals in store for you right now. Please check it out ! Wardrobes and bedding are central to the room, so optimizing your HDB bedroom design space is quite sensible. Here are a few clever designs

Everything about preserving space is Singaporeans. This is particularly true when living room design spaces might be limited and it can be difficult to find homes for items we love.

One of our locations to maximize space is our bedroom, and one of the greatest methods to maximizing space is to think about our style of wardrobe and warehouse design.


We have completed 14 houses with clever design ideas for Wardrobes for Sembawang, Singapore homes to inspire you. Check it out!

1. Glass doors tinted.

The elegance of a very plain bedroom may rise with a unique wardrobe design. Try tinted glass doors if you’re looking for anything else.

2. Doors of steel sliding.

Love the industrial look? Love the industrial look? Go to sliding doors in steel. It also lasts for long and has an appeal extremely ageless.

3. Complete it

Use the headboard to integrate your garment, or vice versa. This not only maximizes space, but it looks smart and less entangled, making your area more relaxed.

4. Watch Up.

Alternatively, keep your wardrobes basic but set aside area for showing your bumps. This design trick also looks like a taller ceiling in your bedroom.

5. Use it as part of a wall of character

A good approach to keep your clothing in mind while maintaining aesthetic aspects is by designing an armchair that acts as a wall of function. It may also be a fantastic method of distinguishing between ‘wall’ and wardrobe using a graphic design decal.


6. Take the Route Unconventional

If you prefer barn doors but don’t want to have a heavy rustic appearance, get white painted wardrobes.

7. Consider the Overall Space

The bed was placed in the center of the room, with his built-in wardrobe serving as a headboard. His bedroom’s open concept design also makes it simple to include this.

8. Disrupt Monotony

For this tinted glass wardrobe, the designers used a tiled border.

9. Put it in a corner

You have limited room if you put your bed in the midst of a wall. For extra wardrobe space, this designer pushed the bed into a corner.

10. Take Down Those Barriers

Don’t allow the structural wall to keep you from connecting two rooms; it may be used to create a walk in wardrobe design illusion.

11. Connect the Dots

The closet, dresser, and bedside table are all in one place. Does it maximize space? Check it out! What more could we possibly want?

12. Make It Special

For a distinctive aesthetic, a timber headboard is flanked by two black wardrobes positioned at unusual angles.

13. A One-Stop Solution

A television console that doubles as a wardrobe! It has a retro feel about it, which may appeal to some.

14. None Doors

This one-of-a-kind none door wardrobe has an angular shape and a dust-resistant curtain.


We provide a variety of stylish wardrobes that can be combined in any way you choose especially in Sembawang Singapore, try it out now!

You don’t need to spend a lot of time styling your wardrobe on what to wear and how to wear it, just follow these simple steps and everything will fall into place naturally. 

5 Tips to keep the excitement in your wardrobe:

  • Buy things you can mix and match
  • Keep items in neutral colors like black, white, gray, navy blue etc so that it will go with any color combination
  • Buy a few bright colored pieces for pops of color
  • Add some solid looking jewelry to make it more interesting
  • Consider buying some funky looking shoes, choose comfortable ones that you can wear all day long.

10 Benefits of using a stylist to style your wardrobe design Singapore:

  • They will know exactly what is trending and what is not
  • A professional stylist will make sure you are always fashionable and avoid having to “reinvent the wheel” every time
  • They would have access to great brands of clothing at a much lower price than you could ever get if they were not working for a company that deals with these brands. 
  • A stylist may be able to identify clothes that you could mix and match with items in your closet – This can save you time, energy, and money by not purchasing clothes you already own.
  • Professional advice from a professional clothing consultant about which type of cloths are best for your lifestyle – They offer personal opinions on what outfits would prove successful for the occasion.
  • Sometimes they will provide an insight into whether or not the color matches the lighting at event
  • Are those colors flattering on me?
  • what fabric provides me comfort?
  • They have seen all types of individuals walk through their doors before and therefore have an understanding of the needs of their customers.
  • More personal touch
  • Ease in buying clothes while on a budget or when one is low on funds because they have already gone through this themselves, and had to get their hands dirty (as it were) and learn how to shop smart.
  • Choosing the right clothing for the occasion – the stylist will have multiple years of experience in the fashion world at hand, and are able to offer advice on what clothes suit your body type best.
  • A stylist usually knows exactly where a store is located and can give you directions – this helps cut down on time wasted looking for it!


If you want to save time and money, then investing in a wardrobe with a design that maximizes space may be the right choice for you.

From creating more storage space inside your closet or dresser drawer to using vertical hanging racks on the outside of it, there are many ways to make your clothes fit better without wasting any precious real estate!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We have over years of experience helping people across Singapore. transform their closets into beautiful spaces they can truly enjoy spending time in!

Contact us and let us help give life back to what was once thought as tedious activity, fashioning an outfit from scratch each morning