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Wardrobe design with dressing table is an important piece of furniture. It is used to keep clothes in place so that you can dress yourself. It can also double as a desk when needed. It is usually located near the bathroom.

Do you want to make your own wardrobe design? But do not know how to design it? Then follow the following 4 simple ideas. So, how to make a good wardrobe design? As the wardrobe is an important part of your home decoration, you should pay attention to the arrangement of the wardrobe design, so that it can be more beautiful. You can also follow some design ideas for a good wardrobe design, which will be of great help to you. Let’s take a look at 4 simple wardrobe design ideas.


Corner wardrobe design with dressing table

Create a glass wardrobe by placing the vertical panel on the side of a white base with steel edges. A dressing table made of the same material with a large mirror is placed next to the wardrobe to complement it. A soft stool is used as a dressing chair, and a carpet with a highly opulent appearance completes the look.

Dressing table with-in the walk-in wardrobe

The most opulent room you can have in your house is a walk-in closet. Here, a silver border and several mirrors are added to a white foundation wardrobe. A dressing table with two side niches for presenting items is placed against the front wall.

Half wall wardrobe design with dressing table 

The hall wall is covered with an open closet that can be used as a dressing table, and the half-wall is designed with a shiny wardrobe. The wardrobe has a spot for a showcase, and the soft hues are calming.


Full wall wardrobe design with dressing table

Consider this design if you’re seeking for a sliding wardrobe with a dressing table. To create a wooden sliding entryway wardrobe that matches wooden flooring, you can utilize the entire wall area. On the other side of the table, create a minimalist dressing table with a chic chair. The dressing table is made of light wood, whereas the wardrobe is made of a mix of deeper and lighter shades.

A room appears larger when one wall of the closet is open. The final wardrobe panel has been transformed into a vanity with a rectangular mirror and a white stool.

Antique wardrobe design with dressing table

The wardrobe doors of this style were made with reflecting glass. The glass is expertly decorated in an antique Scandinavian manner, and on the side is a lovely, feminine-looking dressing table. It has a highlight carpet, a white lamp, and a leather stool.

Open wardrobe with simple dressing table

An open wardrobe works best if you are organized. It looks ideal to pair a gray dressing mirror next to a gray open wardrobe. A lovely white chair can complete the look. This background will go well with whatever you wear if you enjoy posting social media photos of your current look!


Wooden wardrobe with wooden dressing table

Your home has a vintage feel thanks to the rough appearance of the wood. The design features a three-panel oak closet with a lovely dressing table next to it. This consists of the room, whose cushion matches the room’s walls. This is a highly practical design if you enjoy the timeless style.

Wardrobe and dressing table on both sides of the bed

The complete wall wardrobe is built with a light border on the ceiling on one side of the bed, and the straightforward wardrobe is made to look effortless on the other.

Extended dressing table

Forget a conventional style of dressing table if you want to go with a luxurious master bedroom wardrobe design with one. Create a wardrobe design with dressing table for small room that resembles a wall-mounted extended vanity that extends into your bedroom and bathroom. Simply choose a full-length standalone mirror with a small table for the dressing table.

White wall and wooden flooring

Along with the white wall and wooden flooring, a vertically stretched closet made of plywood and a thin mirror completes the room. A full white stool is attached to the side dressing table, which is made of the same material. This arrangement for your sliding wardrobe design with dressing table appears incredibly straightforward yet lovely.

The dressing room is decorated by a designer

You’re going to adore it’s simple style. It resembles a master bedroom wardrobe in terms of dressing table and full-length mirror design. A full-length moving mirror is positioned on the neighboring corner to assist you with your appearance. The sliding wardrobe is made of half grey and half wood, making it appear to be an old piece. A tiny dressing table made of wood in a deeper tone is placed next to the wardrobe in this arrangement. All three of these things work together to set up a space, but what makes them special is how they oppose one another.

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Thematic and reflect your personality

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