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These types of fluted glass panels are called Flute glass and they are definitely a hot commodity. They give your rooms a stylish look but also provide a practical function. It’s a simple and elegant way to update your home.

A fluted glass can be a great solution for those who want to create privacy in their homes. Glass is often used as a partial obstruction or as a translucent cover for windows, creating a stylish and timeless look.  We’ve rounded up 11 design ideas for using fluted glass in your HDB interior design project.

What is fluted glass?

Fluted glass has vertical grooves. It is often referred to as ribbed or textured glass and is popular among architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a living space and diffuse light.

Why fluted glass is popular?

Fluted glass is a great material for interior design and architectural features because of its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. To make a dark room feel lighter, buy a glass fluted panel that will add light to any room but not too bright. Fluted glass provides a sense of privacy. It has grooves on the inside to hide things. This is a great option for a shower screen or divider.


What is the difference between the fluted and reeded glass?

Fluting and reeding are techniques used to give the glass a more interesting look. A reeded material is a flat material with a series of shallow ridges on its surface, while a fluted material has a series of deep grooves across. Horizontal and vertical grooves (ridges) can be either deep or shallow. 

The characteristic of glass that makes it a popular choice for window installation is its transparency. Because of this, it’s very easy to see into other people’s houses. Glass with fluting or rifling improves light transmittance. This type of glass can block the transmission of light, making it useful for window treatments that should block light and not let it in.

There are places where privacy is required and where frosted and reeded glass panes are a good fit. Low iron, tinted glass can be used to create shower doors, glass walls and partitions with fluting and reeding that diffuse light through them.

11 Amazing Fluted Glass Ideas for your Interior in Singapore

Fluted glass for room divider

This makes a great addition to your shared office and bedroom or living room space. It was a big change from the usual flat glass, but it does create a sense of privacy for both rooms by using a fluted glass partition.

Fluted glass for bedroom and study room divider

Instead of a solid panel, the bedroom-study entrance could be framed with fluted glass to create a degree of indoor privacy.


Conceal your service yard

Want to cover your laundry in your service yard without sacrificing natural light? You can cleverly insert fluted glass panels within the window’s frame to get the desired result!

Integrate fluted glass into a semi-open kitchen’s windows and doors

The kitchen folding screen can feature fluted glass as a reference to mid-century modern homes from the 50s and 60s. It can be a great way to brighten up your kitchen and dining room and keep the noise and smells out of the living space. You’ll love the extra light.

Using fluted glass to hide things

When you need to conceal a particular item, the most useful thing about fluted glass is that it can partially obscure what is behind it. It’s possible to put a glass on the right-hand side of the bathroom shower to reflect the light and make the room look better. The light from the window can’t be blocked by the fluted glass textured surface because it keeps the toilet out of focus.

Fluted glass for adding texture to your shower screen

A bathroom is a nice place for you to start your day. That’s why it’s important to create an environment that’s fun and functional. A fluted glass shower screen makes for an awesome accent in your bathroom by adding texture to it.

Fluted glass as an indoor hallway window

Thanks to its ability to partially obscure what’s behind it, fluted glass is a handy material for creating bespoke privacy screens – or a hallway peephole that lets you check if the lights are on in the bedroom.

Make rooms appear brighter

To divide a room effectively, you can use a simple, classic, and inexpensive solution: fluted glass can screen the area behind while maintaining light levels. Steel-framed doors add an attractive architectural feature while the raked glass is both stylish and practical.

To create  mid-century feels

If you want your kitchen to have a mid-century vibe, the key is in the accessories. The dresser has fluted glass front cabinets on the top drawer that give it a clean and contemporary feel.

Fluted glass to separate your bedroom and dressing area

Fluted glass can be used in so many ways, from the master bedroom and walk-in closet to the kitchen, and everything in between. Privacy is often provided by curtains or shades, although you can also use blinds or shutters as a substitute for curtains. For a closet, you might use a partition as a substitute for the door.

Use fluted glass as your cabinetry door

A sleek and open look is created by using a cabinetry door with fluted glass. There is a kitchen with a row of closets that are framed in wood sliding doors.


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