Condo / Landed

With its limited physical land and decreasing number of available parcels, Singapore is the home of many residential types. Amongst these selections, condominiums and landed properties are two of the most talked about. Especially for those who can afford both types of housing, choosing between a condo vs landed property Singapore is no easy task.

The luxurious magnificence and modernistic appeal of condominiums are hard to pass up. Together with complete amenities as well as first class facilities, who wouldn’t want to live in a condo? However, landed properties are known for their utmost generosity when it comes to space. The no limitation ownership is likewise attractive most especially to conservative home seekers.

Fernwood Terrance

152 Haig court

6 Sea Ave

46 The Quintet

Cashew Height

12 Tao Ching Road  Lake Life 

6 Whampoa East