Bathroom interior design Singapore

Bathroom interior design Singapore

Citizens spend most private times in bathroom because it is the right place to carry out tasks that you cannot undertake anywhere else. Conventionally bathrooms have no windows, so they afford most privacy. However old bathrooms with their outdated construction and appliances tend to waste material and energy so it is important that you give it some interior design machinations to bring it back to the mainstream. MRD has great expertise in converting outdated bathrooms into modern day private heavens while making them use less electricity and less water. Here is few energy saving ideas that we routinely advocate and implement in our bathroom interior design Singapore tasks:

Install efficient faucets

Standard sink taps waste water but by installing efficient faucet aerators you can easily reduce the water wastage. It works like the conventional showerhead and supplies water efficiently using little amount of water. Similarly you can use showerheads that consume less water but work with greater efficiency. We replace the older water guzzling showerheads and replace them with jets that jets water with greater speed with low volume of water.

Install LED lighting

Old fluorescent bulbs or filament based bulbs in bathrooms can consumer lots of power, so replace them with LED lighting which use micro quantity of what the conventional bulbs use. Our interior designers find novel ways to light bathrooms that produce dramatic lighting without being glaring while using negligible electricity.

Install energy efficient water heater & other appliances

Bathrooms are flooded with appliances and accessories that aid us to take bath comfortably and reduce efforts in accomplishing hygienic tasks. These could include curling irons, hair dryers, exhaust fans, water heaters, electric tooth brushes etc. Replacing the old ones with energy efficient bathroom accessories will save energy and make your bathroom a energy efficient area.

Replace old floor with ceramic or porcelain

Bathroom floors could become germ breeding grounds if they are made up of concrete floor. They could also amass fungus growth and make the grounds slippery. Replacing them with bathroom tiles like ceramic or porcelain would prevent such occurrences besides making bathroom floors and walls water resistant and slip resistant. Installing the extra thin porcelain on walls would make your bathroom look flawless and seamless.

Create new storage

Bathroom has scope of increasing utility space such as storage shelves and cabinets where you could store towels, bathrobes, bathroom soaps and detergents. In place we could increase leg and utility space for inhabitants.  We introduce contemporary cabinetry in to the bathroom ambience that will hugely solve your space owes and bring a refreshing change to the otherwise bare appearance of bathrooms.

Our Bathroom interior design Singaporeteam does a lot of market research find equipment, accessories and furniture for bathrooms and each of these quests are undertaken to fulfill individual client’s needs.