815B CCK Ave 7

I wish to commend for the magnificent job done on the renovation of my flat.

I would like you to know how impressed I am with the professional manner he shown during the process of designing my flat. His board knowledge had helped a lot in the decision-making process for the renovation. During the project period, I was having a rather busy travelling schedule, thus having him to mange the renovation work definitely help to ease the burden off me as he is reliable and is someone who took care of all the details. He made his effort to keep me inform on the work progress.

The smooth completion had turned my old flat to an ideal home for my family and me. Now, many of my friends who are keen to renovate their house had all come see the workmanship of this successful final product and many compliments received thus, without hesitation, I recommended him. I am very pleased that I had an ideal home which many envied. If My Reno Diary Interior Design has a very bright future.

Please convery my sincere thanks and appreciation to him for the jb well done. Keep up the good work!

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