4 bedded interior design

4 bedded interior design

If you have a 4-bedroom house which you want to refurbish we, MRD, can create unique face and identity for each of your bedroom, thus spending time there to be of most pleasurable experience for you owners. How you arrange your rooms especially bedrooms, will make the difference between day and night. Here we provide 4 bedded interior design ideas that could appeal to you our customers out there and a professional team will ensure that it is applied to the core when your project is taken up. basically you can pick up the following designs for your 4-Bedroom house.

Conventional Bedroom

The conventional bedroom will have a bed as anchor with each side sporting a nightstand. A dresser will be standing right across the bed and it should be located below a mirror. Don’t be tempted to add more furniture that will spoil the conventional look. For clean and simple look we stick to the golden rule of furnishing it with one bed, two nightstands, mirror and dresser.

Lounge like Bedroom

You could consider having a lounge like bedroom if you have enough space. We will place two lounge chairs opposite the bed and have a table in between. If the space is more you could consider having a small sofa and a coffee table in front of it. In the 4 bedded interior design you could add a lounge like bedroom design while you have others in the conventional design.

Shared Space Bedroom

In this topography you can place two beds to share space by two people or children. This idea is to create privacy for people who are already sharing the room. Most children bedrooms reflects this case so it is appropriate that you share the space to place two beds and create space of their own. You can place a nightstand in between two beds and a dresser can be placed right across.

Tiny Bedroom Design

This configuration is usually built for children or guest rooms. Here the bed is always placed against the sidewall so as to free more space on the other side and a single nightstand features beside the bed. A dresser is placed against the wall in line of the bed. Mirrors are used here to create the illusion of being big and you could place a series of mirrors for resemble windows effect.

MRD decides these rooms in a sequence and then set about furnishing and decorating the room with choice beds, nightstands, dressers and mirrors. We have bedroom interior design portfolios that are most contemporary and novel in ideas and appearance. We also listen to client’s suggestion while adding new furniture and usually give preference to their choices.